resistance band

  1. mahoney1234

    Good exercise for hardness.

    Been away for a while hope everyone's doing well. I don't know if anyone posted something like this before if so, salute to you. My body subconciously kegels all day long and I realized my pc muscle doesn't get a burn anymore so I wanted to up the intensity. Get a pair of tight fitting...
  2. T

    My penis is shorter after pe?

    So I've been doing my routine consistently and intensely for the last month or two. My penis looks longer but when I measure there is no increase. Usually my flaccid has been getting longer too. But yesterday on my rest day my flaccid was tutting the whole day and my erection this morning was...
  3. kyomoto

    Is wrapping necessary?

    Is wrapping necessary for using the Length Master? I don't have one (a length master) but I'm thinking of buying one...I do not know exactly what wrapping does besides i suppose protect the penis. Can someone inform me on this?
  4. S

    2 months in, my observations, criticism please...

    Howdy! I began 2 months ago (my new measurements can be seen in my signature or here) - 08/2014 - BPEL - 5 1/8- 5 1/4 09/2014 - F 2 1/2, FC 3 3/4, FPBL 3, NBPEL 4 1/2, BPEL 5 1/4, EC 4 1/2 09/17/14 -NBPEL – 5, BPEL 5 ½, CIRCUMFERANCE (ERECT) – 4 ¾, FBPL – 3 ¼, FLACID NBPL – 3...
  5. J

    How to prevent skin overlap when wrapping for LM

    Hey Brotherhood, I was looking through other threads and never quite found the answer, so hopefully someone can help. I just got my LM today and the issue I am having is wrapping. I have some excess skin (I am circumcised) but still some loose skin from FR. I have tried ACE bandage and...
  6. S

    Blood trapped in Glans/Head prevention?

    Whats up guys? The reason for my post is w/ regard to some questions about hanging or using resistance band stretching (with a hanger) and trying to minimize blood being trapped in the head of your penis. I have listed some questions below (I’d really appreciate some feedback and help). I did...
  7. youknowme123321

    LengthMaster Resistance Band Scale

    HEre is video showing my new portable scale purchased for $10 Amazon. Lightning had mentioned this a while back when i posted my first vid using the resistant bands with my LM. FInally decided to google it lol. $3.99 1-day shipping if you are a Prime Member there!!!! : Mango Spot®...
  8. S

    New routine....Criticism?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to PE. I began in December of 2013. Measurements were the same they are now - Flaccid - 2 1/2. Circumference - 3 1/2 Erect - 5 1/4. Circumference - 4 1/4 In March of 2014 After use of the Pro Extender (warmup, light stretches) my measurements were pretty...
  9. S

    Re: How to use vids / can a newbie use this?

    Okay, You guys can pull up my other posts to get the background on me... To make it brief - I"m concerned about Jelqing as it may further desensitize my penis (I have sensitivity issues due to years and years of DRY masturbation. Therefore I am slowly associating myself with lube and...
  10. youknowme123321

    Resistance Band Length Master

    Here is a quick video I just made showing some stretching that can be done with the LengthMaster, a resistant band and an attachment point. Just did them quick but they can be held for whatever length of time. Also the height of your attachment point will affect the angle of stretch. <iframe...
  11. T

    Hanging with Bodylastic resistance bands

    I was looking to add some variety to my PE routine and I got the itch to do some hanging again. I had a fire a while back at my apartment building and had no weight plates and had no desire to buy any. I had bought a set of Bodylastics bands to exercise with and they are great! They are the...
  12. T

    Resistance Band Stretcher

    My bands came in different thicknesses, I'm using the thickest one for this. Fold the band in half at the center. About 3 inches below the fold use a cable tie to tie the 2 pieces together. The trick is not too tight, the cable tie needs to be able to slide along the bands. Spread out the band...
  13. A

    4 weeks and still hasnt arrived

    cant believe it 4 weeks ago i ordered it and it still hasnt arrived said it would be here in 3 working days i only live in the uk anyway anyone here been using it and seen any gains is it alot more comfortable than the jes extender with the noose which i am currently using untin my penimaster...
  14. G

    Wanting length

    Guys i really want to add more length. At the moment i'm 6.5 bpel and 5.5 eg. I'm doing a combination of manual stretches and a bit of hanging here and there. Any advice or suggestions on killer exercises that will surely lead to gains. Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.
  15. REDZULU2003

    Talk about your favourite/favorite gym equipment and tools

    Discuss your favourite gym equipment and tools :) 1] I'm going to be brief firstly but let me tell you about some cracking gloves I use for super strong grip called NewGrip's They are made from Neoprene which is what makes this so special. I've had mine since 2007 and I highly recommend...
  16. S

    Why some people don't feel burns or a good strech at the ligs

    Well,As most people feel a good burn or strech I DO not.. Other people say they don't either right but If you can apply more force to the penis strech gains WILL be faster...... Don't tell me Im wrong I know im right.DLD,Supra,Redzulu all are pretty strong and have gained good because of that...