pump for sale

  1. KingD

    New HydroMax Extreme $150

    I have a brand new HydroMax Extreme pump for sale for $150....I will accept Paypal.
  2. S

    Deluxe European Penis Pump - only $100 !

    https://accounts.craigslist.org/post/shwpst?pii=1044493701&db=lv This is a deluxe oil cooled penis pump for sale here, with 12 feet of hose included. It's very quiet and will last you a lifetime! If you live don't live in the Syracuse, NY area it will be between $45-$50.00 to ship this...
  3. R

    CTC XL 3000 pump for sale,$250,retails for $389.....

    Hello to all. I have a CTC XL 3000 pump for sale.I used it maybe a total of 10 times. I prefer constrictor exercises to pumping,and what little pumping I do,I use a hand pump.This pump was to expensive to just sit in my closet,so I am hoping someone is interested in it. BTW,you will need...
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