Working out while wearing Phallosan?

    I work out at the gym a lot doing all kinds of exercises, upper body, lower body, whatever. I know wearing the PF while walking or doing simple movements is fine, but would any PF users recommend to work out with a PF on? Or do you think this may cause the PF to break, cause an injury, or...
  2. A

    Manual stretches using the Phalosan Forte

    hi there, I'm new to this forum since I've registered today. I've noticed that a lot of this forum's members have good experience in PE practice so I have a question for you. ;) Yesterday I've tried to do manual stretches using the pump of the phallosan forte and I really liked it because it...
  3. B

    XL Bell for Phalosan

    Hey guys, I heard Phallosan released their XL bell, I tried to contact them but got no response. Anybody know where I can buy one??? Thanks!
  4. MaxRichards

    Phallosan VS VLC Tugger

    Phallosan vs VLC, what are the differences, pros and cons of each? GO!
  5. ZackD89

    Gym and Pumping

    Does anyone else find that their pumping session is worse after going to the gym (lifting weights)? It makes sense to me--the body is already stressed by repairing the muscle. Still, I wish I could find a way to go to the gym, eat, and then pump huge. It seems the choice is either gym and a...
  6. Tahir Aqbar

    Permanent Gains From the Phalosan Forte

    Long time, no see MOS. As ya'll know I'm always coming and going from this forum. I try to stop by every month or so just to make sure the wheel is still spinning. It kinda makes me sad to see the activity on MOS die off since the glory days. I don't know... maybe it hasn't and I'm just...
  7. L

    To my foreskin bearing brethren, what ads is best?

    Title says it all. I don't have the discretion necessary to use an extender for more than a few hours a day so among the discreet options available, phallosan and company, which have you used with the least discomfort?
  8. johnny-wang

    Opinions needed. . .

    I have been using an extender, BM, LM, and hanging for a while with relative ease. However, at the moment I am devoid of privacy as I have some guests staying over for a while. I was looking for something to give me back those additional hours lost to miscellaneous activities and lack of...
  9. J

    2 - 3 inches in 20 - 30 minutes?

    I've done PE for over 10 years now and seen very little results. The only pe i knew about for 10 years was jelquing. I was consistent with jelquing at times but saw very little results and became discouraged. At most i gained .25 inch in length a maybe a tiny bit of girth but not the 2-3 inches...
  10. MackIII

    MOS Discounts?

    Hey are there any MOS discounts given out for the Phallosan Forte? Thanks Mack
  11. M

    Advice and Tips please / Am I doing this correctly???

    Hi DLD, I'm currently using SG after sending back my MaleEdgePro which broke in the first week of using and was quite painful to wear. I'm using a bandage wrap with the rubber ring then foam ring and the black rubber sheet wrapped around all of that with the noose, it's clipped in underneath and...
  12. C

    Penis Enlargement Surgery - Ligament cut

    Hey guys , need any advice I can get. I have been wanting the penis lengthening surgery forever, the one where they cut the tendon and you have to stretch it for up to 6 months after. Im familiar with everything and how to take care of it after etc. But any experiences? I think I am going to...
  13. S

    million dolloar idea i had today

    all this pe got me thinking i got the best exxtender idea ever hmu , lightning thinks im a robot lol im a stonner , make millions :D - - - Updated - - - the law of attarction and subconocius is powerful
  14. Lightning

    MoS All Day Stretcher / All Night Stretcher! Feedback & Beta-Testers Needed!

    That is right DLD and I have decided to manufacture an All Day Stretcher (ADS) / All Night Stretcher (ANS). We want to add something to compliment the power of the LengthMaster for those looking for long periods of stretching during sleep and at work. We need your feedback on what attachment...
  15. master_mind

    Confused on how to start P.E. Have 800 dollars of savings please suggest me the best.

    I am confused on how to start my P.E. I have read so much that got confused. Please suggest me how to start about it. I want very rapid gains and am ready to do all step by step with dedication and consistency. Also suggest me the best equipments to buy. The following equipments i have ...

    Win a phallosan forte and 3 sleeve condoms!!!

    Win a Phallosan forte and three sleeve condoms worth above 420 USD !!!! Dear Members and Visitors of MOS, I would like to start a small quiz and give out 10 Phallosan forte and in total 30 sleeve condoms. The Final soccer game will be on Sunday the 13th of July 2014. Make your bet beneath...

    Direct and personal support of the product Phallosan forte!

    Dear Members and Visitors of MOS, i am happy to introduce myself, my name is Julian working for the company Swiss Sana, which are the producers and Owners the product Phallosan forte. My knowledge about PE goes beyond 10 years, learned a lot through the direct contact of leading Urologists...
  18. F

    Phallosan for downwards curvature? how set it

    Hello, i have few question about phallosan ....I have downwards curvature and when I wear phallosan so I set phallosan belt around the body ....penis and acorn in phallosan cup is for example upward to right side.... on other side is "white hoop" which pull penis to left side(look at the...
  19. B

    BathMate as my primary enlargement tool?

    I often have difficulty finding time to do the stretching and jelqing routines. I do them as often as possible, but I use the Bathmate on a regular basis. I do 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. Will I actually make permanent gains using just the Bathmate consistently...
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