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    Phallosan users help!!!

    hi bros, i have completed my first month using the phallosan, it was going well until the last couple of days, ive logged roughly 200 hours with 1 or 2 days off each week and now im getting a painfull burning sensation in the base of my penis from the foam ring. I have a few questions and...
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    Newbie in need of some help

    I am new to penis enlargement and wanted to make sure I have a good stack or routine going on to achieve the gains I want. -I have ordered the Hydromax X30 xtreme and plan to use it ASAP -I also have ordered a months supply of Power P, Oversize and XploZion and will order more if needed -I...
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    review of the phallosan forte

    Ok so i have worn the new version of the phallosan for a week and let me tell you im impressed i will give you the good and the bad on this product. well there is very little bad with the phallosan but i will go over the bad first then on too the good. first off the company offers no spare...
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    My easy to follow yet powerful routine

    Hi, This is a very simple yet effective routine that I made that is actually fun and easy to stick to which is the most important thing. It took me years to figure out and this is basically the finished product of constant tweaking. I found this routine really flows and is very simple and to the...
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