1. Halp

    Halp's Journey to a BIG DICK

    Hey guys, I wanted to make a progress log to keep me motivated and also so I can get feedback from the people that are more experienced in PE. What my routine currently looks like: 30 mins of bundled stretches with the LengthMaster Wear the Phallosan Forte at least 4 hours a day (I...
  2. C

    Phallosan Forte

    Alrighty kiddies, I see there isn't a Phallsan Forte review up here yet so I will be the pioneer! I just got the thing today (took 2 days to get from Germany to my house.... I'm still waiting on lights for my car which I ordered 4 days, from California, before I order this thing and they...
  3. P

    Putting on Phallosans: How much time does it take? Does it make noise?

    in spite of the learning-curve, how long does it take when you get use to putting it on? and does the suction device make noise?
  4. Zambrodom3

    Sizegenetics good enough?

    Yoyoyoyo boys! Sorry for the title, thought that would get the thread some attention rofl!!!!!! Just a quick question to all of you- I am now thinking on purchasing an extender, but not sure which one would be the best one. The price, while a problem, is not a problem, cause results cost money...

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