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  1. D

    Phallosan Forte No Tracking Information

    Anyone else have this experience with Phallosan shipping? I ordered from and I have got this email "Your order will be shipped today and will arrive in 2-3 working days! You will soon get a USPS tracking code!" on Wednesday 05/22/2019. I am in Portland and haven't gotten a single...
  2. REDZULU2003

    Silistretcher is easy and evolving

    I first wore my Silistretcher about a week ago now, and have tested it a few times since. Its really very simple to execute, and get started with. Precisely what it was intended for, without any complications in knowing allot beforehand, like some devices have needed in the past. My only...
  3. H

    Silistretcher vs Phallosan Forte

    So I just ordered the PF and just came across the Silistretcher. Is the SS a better less expensive alternative to the PF? And can the SS be worn overnight? And should I return the PF when it arrives and order the SS instead?
  4. Kaleem08

    Phallosan Forte(No tracking number sent)

    Hey guys, would anyone happen to have a good contact at Phallosan? I've emailed and called several times with no response, about when I'd be receiving a tracking number. I recently purchased the device on 2/26/2018, and had the status of my order go to PAID on the same day. Does anyone know how...
  5. G

    My new routine shared

    Hello my brothers. I have not been on for a long time and i promise to be active in this wonderfull forum. First of all let me thank all the brothers and special thanks for Dld who gives very good advices. I have been very much on and off to PE. I have been doing it for like 3-4 years and...
  6. R

    Does The Phallosan also act as a bathmate?

    Hi All Just had a quick question, I'm curious if the phallosan will make you thicker just like the bathmate or is the phallosan just a lengthening device? If the Phallosan does make you thicker is the bathmate still needed? Thank you
  7. N

    Phallosan reviews, cost, discount

    So I have a SG extender, bathmate, and a VLC(need resizing). Now I know that it is ultimately my fault for not doing my PE as often as I can, but I do work two jobs as a Nurse and am back in schooling. So I am looking for something that I can do at long periods of time and I can even find a way...
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