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  1. T

    Will You Guys Restock Phallosan Forte?

    I'm looking to purchase a Phallosan Forte kit but the MoS shop is sold out. I've already tried purchase the Phallosan Forte kit through but USPS stopped updating the tracker during transit and I never received it.
  2. D

    Phallosan Forte No Tracking Information

    Anyone else have this experience with Phallosan shipping? I ordered from and I have got this email "Your order will be shipped today and will arrive in 2-3 working days! You will soon get a USPS tracking code!" on Wednesday 05/22/2019. I am in Portland and haven't gotten a single...
  3. H

    Silistretcher vs Phallosan Forte

    So I just ordered the PF and just came across the Silistretcher. Is the SS a better less expensive alternative to the PF? And can the SS be worn overnight? And should I return the PF when it arrives and order the SS instead?
  4. Kaleem08

    Phallosan Forte(No tracking number sent)

    Hey guys, would anyone happen to have a good contact at Phallosan? I've emailed and called several times with no response, about when I'd be receiving a tracking number. I recently purchased the device on 2/26/2018, and had the status of my order go to PAID on the same day. Does anyone know how...
  5. G

    My new routine shared

    Hello my brothers. I have not been on for a long time and i promise to be active in this wonderfull forum. First of all let me thank all the brothers and special thanks for Dld who gives very good advices. I have been very much on and off to PE. I have been doing it for like 3-4 years and...
  6. R

    Does The Phallosan also act as a bathmate?

    Hi All Just had a quick question, I'm curious if the phallosan will make you thicker just like the bathmate or is the phallosan just a lengthening device? If the Phallosan does make you thicker is the bathmate still needed? Thank you
  7. N

    Phallosan reviews, cost, discount

    So I have a SG extender, bathmate, and a VLC(need resizing). Now I know that it is ultimately my fault for not doing my PE as often as I can, but I do work two jobs as a Nurse and am back in schooling. So I am looking for something that I can do at long periods of time and I can even find a way...
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