1. J


    Hi, does anyone have experience with phallogauge I can get it on but it slips of easy and it only seems to stretch my ligaments not the shaft of my penis .. also if you stretch the ligaments does this make your erection angle lower instead of point upwards? Thanks.
  2. F

    Bathmate..Does it REALLY work?

    Greetings, fellow growers! I have been considering ordering a Bathmate, as I, at the age of 61, am embarking on one last attempt at enlargement. Not that I haven't had any success, because I have, gaining a little over an inch in length and almost an inch in girth. I currently stand at BPEL...
  3. wickedshlong

    Best phallosan alternative for wearing to work?

    I was just wondering whether anyone had an alternative to the phallosan forte for wearing in an office environment? Must be cheaper than the phallosan but still discrete.
  4. T

    phallosan service soon to be greatly improved

    Recently started using my phallosan again to help correct some retraction issues I've been having from severe overtraining. Back when I originally bought my unit, they had advertised that you would get free set of the rubber things. Months passed and I never received them. I emailed them, and...
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