1. T

    Circumcision depression and PMMA

    Hi brothers, haven't posted in a while but I'm slowly getting back into PE with the BM and phallosan. I was circumcised at birth and long story short I'm against circumcision for many reasons. I really see no benefit besides cleanliness and that's not a big enough reason for me. I see...
  2. A

    what are your guys thoughts on phalloboards?

    PhalloBoards (Version 2.0) basically this website is devoted to guys who have gotten or are looking to get phalloplasty aka penis enlargement surgery. I think if these guys knew the power of natural penis enlargement most of them would not even consider surgical enlargement. You can do a lot...
  3. C

    Penis Enlargement Surgery - Ligament cut

    Hey guys , need any advice I can get. I have been wanting the penis lengthening surgery forever, the one where they cut the tendon and you have to stretch it for up to 6 months after. Im familiar with everything and how to take care of it after etc. But any experiences? I think I am going to...
  4. D

    PE Surgery: Reed VS Rosenthal

    Hey guys, I'm really considering to get lengthening and thickening procedures done and I've narrowed down my choices to either Dr. Harold Reed or Dr. Brian Rosenthal. I wanted to know if any of you had any experience with these procedures done by these doctors or know of anyone who has? I'm...
  5. G

    ocd about left testicle

    Hi guys, I’m a new member here. I am 22 years old and need advice on a few issues, as I am in a very dark place. Firstly regarding the newbie routine my penis doesn’t seem to be reacting to it. I’m trying to master both the jelq and the v jelq, blood doesn’t seem to get...
  6. higherone

    Be New to MOS? Introduce you're self here!

    Welcome to Matters of Size- The world's best penis enlargement program on the Internet! But we're much more than this. Penis Enlargement, or penis enlargement, also increases sexual stamina so you can last longer in bed, and erection and orgasm quality, so you're getting maximum pleasure out...
  7. Syd Kitten


    Have any of our members had experience with PMMA for the rear or for the penis?
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