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    Pain in penis days after using pump

    Hello. Used a bathmate the first time last week. Pumped to around 5 but only for like 30 seconds three times. The first two times I panicked a bit and forgot the valve the release pressure. Had no pain while pumping. Have some stinging pain now 6 days later and feels like UTI so feel a need to...
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    The perfect penis pumping method 2024

    So heres everything in a short pack and then we can discuss I pump usually to 10-15hg max dont wanna go too far. Make sure your shaved all the time and use albolene. Avoid too much masturbation with albolene, purpose is only so when the penisnis sliding into the cylinder that when it expands...
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    Girth work MityVac Hydro Vac Penis Pump User Instructions

    MityVac HydroVac User Instructions When your MityVac arrives, it will come in a plain brown discrete box. This is the actual box it arrives in below. When you open the box you will find a black hardshell case inside with all the components required for your MityVac HydroVac pump system all...
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    Girth work NEW - MOS MityVac HydroVac Penis Pump Line - L@@K

    HYDROVAC PENIS PUMPS BY MOS Introductory Price from $134.00 Get the best of both worlds in one penis pump system. The New MityVac HydroVac by MOS offers a wide range of sizes from 1.75" to 4" diameters hydrovac cylinders to accommodate your pumping goals by either air vacuum pumping or...
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