penis injuries

  1. Chaoskampf

    looking for pumps above 2.75 inches in width

    Hi, I am using an UTIMI vacuum pump with 2.75 inches in width and 8.25 inch in length. I want to have a longer cylinder and especially a thicker one. However these cylinders do not exist according to my research. The Bathmate X50 has a nice length but it lacks the width. It looks like I have...
  2. N

    Injury / Feeling terrified.. help

    I did a improper hanging technique w/ the bib hanger about 9 months ago. I had about 8lbs hanging, and stopped right at about 25min when I realized I couldn't feel my penis. My glans went white. I've seen three urologists now. "There's nothing we can do for you" "It's probably nerve damage"...
  3. D

    My less then average penis PE story

    Hi all, I've read so many things on this forum and �other forum� that inspired and helped that I believe I am in debt of sharing my own story thus ending my lurking ways. Ever since adolescence I've been in the awkward position of being a tall,well built man with desirable facial features-in...
  4. E

    injuries and PE lie

    hi. i had done Penis Enlargement in my life for some time. like 2 months 2 years ago and maybe for few days 3-4 years ago. and this year i decided to make it in a routine and done for 2-3 months regularly. i can say it doesnt ever add u extra size. it is no scientificly proved and searching...
  5. M

    Blocked vein ??

    Please I'm really scared !! I had noticed another hard spot in my penis. It looks like a blocked vein. I wonder if someone knows something about. I'm doing Penis Enlargement for about 3 years. Please help me. What can I do ?? I have pain as well.
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