penis hanging weights

  1. Lightning

    Setting the SiliStretcher for heavier weight and tension

    NOTE: This post does not apply to the new SiliStretcher2 with the DuroSleevs. This is only for the SiliStretcher 1 with the original SiliSleevs We ship the SiliStretcher 1 with the regular size 20mm x 85mm SiliSleev attached and 2.5lbs of weight. This set-up is for starting up and is not...
  2. Lightning

    SiliStretcher Product Pictures

  3. Hung-Honcho

    Newbie looking to start with hanging and ADS

    I am new to this and I am looking to build up some gains, I am already well experienced with Jelqing and I am looking to change my routine to a more advanced one, I want to begin hanging and also wearing an ADS device for a couple hours, I really don't have an idea what weight would be best to...
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