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  1. T

    New start

    Think about starting an enhancement journey. Phallosan forte and plus seemed nice and easy. Don’t have a lot of private time so the all day thing seemed best. Then I joined Reddit and most are against it due to low tension. What’s the thoughts?
  2. B

    Vacuum extender

    I have recently started using the vacuum style device as seen it my other post . All going well I suppose other than I’m getting quite abit of sore skin around the head ish of the penis . I’ve looked at wrapping/taping to help with this but struggling to find the right answer . Can anyone help...
  3. K

    AB Silicone

    Gents, I have ordered from these guys for a few years now.... they always screw up my orders and if..... it arrives its 1- 2 months late, I placed an order beginning of November and still did not receive anything.... not even feedback on my mails. I searched for other companies but cant find any...
  4. superman05xx

    The Superman05xx Thicker Man Clamp Review

    The Superman05xx Thicker Man Clamp Review rating scale: 1-10 (1 being bad and 10 being perfect) *I intend to standardize my product reviews in the sense of categories which I use to give my opinions on various PE products. That way it will be easier for me to give consistent reviews and...
  5. E

    Monty's Air Clamp

    Amazing! I use it for girth exercise after doing DLD's First Routine. Im not going to lie, but I will consider myself a noob to Penis Enlargement. Done them years back when I ran into another site called thunder something. Lost interest quick. Been using X4 Labs penis device on and off for years...
  6. S

    Sticker on Bathmate

    I've had it for like a month & the sticker tht tells the size is coming off already. Am I the only one ? I hope this a real Bathmate I got it threw DLDs link he wouldn't do me dirty like tht
  7. L

    Trouble getting used to JES Extender, circulation and comfort

    I bought a JES extender clone a few months ago and I only used it a few times for about a week because I couldn't seem to get used to how it place it, or I simply had read incorrect information. Here is what I am doing: I am wrapping with ace bandage. I am using about an 8 inch length and...
  8. only-get-bigger

    BathMate Progress :: 10 Weeks With a Newbie

    OK, so today I ordered by Bathmate X-40 from the most reputable Australian supplier I could find,, at AU $239.00 including the cleaning / storage kit upgrade (ouch). It’s a little pricier than I was hoping for, but this does mean fast shipping, no troubles with Customs and very...
  9. T

    Mom saw the BM

    I was cleaning it and I must have left it in the bathroom. When I looked in the spot I usually hide it it wasn't there and I freaked out and almost had a heart attack>:(. Then I went outside my room to look for it and it was outside my door. I kept it a secret since January but the cats out of...
  10. B

    Bruising after jelqing

    Hi guys, fantastic forum. I have a question. I recently got a blister on the right side of my glans, got it while i was water pumping, with the Bathmate. So i took 2 weeks off and it's completely healed. So i started up jelqing again, i figured i'd leave the pumping for another week, just to...
  11. F

    Sustanon 250

    ok, did a 4 week course with sustanon 250mg and i gained 1cm in lenght. does anybody know more about this drug?
  12. J

    Got my Vimax extender today

    Well I just got my order today for the vimax. It was actually extremely easy to assemble and put on than I expected. I am not having any problems with it falling off or nothing. But damn I dont know how you're suppose to wear this thing for 6-8 hours a day minimum, fucken hurts my penis haha...
  13. 9

    My PE Product Recommendations

    UPDATED ON 2/8/06 - Added Bib Starter review. I wanted to make this post because sometimes I feel like there are a lot of people that don’t know what kinds of Penis Enlargement equipment are out there, or what they can make for themselves or buy cheap that can substitute an existing product...
  14. J

    comments on this penis device im looking to start hanging or lookking for a stretching device whats your opinion on this one..... `johnny
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