penis curve

  1. B

    Benefits to pumping in water ???

    Just wondering what are the benefits to pumping in water ??? Can anyone give any clear info ?? Certainly swelled more for temporary girth it seems 🙌🏻.
  2. B

    Vacuum extender

    I have recently started using the vacuum style device as seen it my other post . All going well I suppose other than I’m getting quite abit of sore skin around the head ish of the penis . I’ve looked at wrapping/taping to help with this but struggling to find the right answer . Can anyone help...
  3. habban

    Penis curve and girth

    Hello! I have the standard regular curve on my shaft that you can see in some guys, and the thing is that i can't get my base of the penis inside a toilet roll on 5.5 inches when i'm hard. Between the area where the curve of my penis starts at the base i can measure at the very base 5.2...
  4. F

    Crazy statistic,60% no results

    i was seeing some statistics,and even though some say it would take about 3 years for you to get 1.5 inches in length(bummer),one interesting fact i saw was that more that 60% of guys get no results at all!!,and about 1% actually lose size!,im not here to discourage no one,since im a beginner...
  5. T

    Grown tired of jelqs, what now?

    Hi! I've only been doing this since 1st of March (I hanged out at the Penis Enlargement Gym forum) when I started at 6,3 " BPenis EnlargementL. I measured by holding a hard-plastic ruler along the penis and shoving it in as far as it would go. That way I'm now at 7,67" BPenis EnlargementL but I...
  6. N

    Anyone with curve(not peyronie's) had success with SG?

    I think i will buy one regardless but i'd like to get feedback on this issue if only to compare my results once i start
  7. S

    Girth workout

    I've red many posts here on this forum and finally i'm thinking that the Bathmate is the best penis enlargement device if i want to encrease my girth and don't matter about the lenght (even if also the lenght should increase) Am i wrong if i think that using only the Bathmate, without any...
  8. 8

    Penis curve, what the hell can be done about it? Any Results anyone?

    :cool: Hi all, all cool? I would like for you dudes to input ay info you might have come across about Peyronne's desease ( The infamous bend ) [I]n my case it is getting out of hand, literally. If someone knows of a safe but sure way of correcting a curve we all will appreciate the results...
  9. R

    Change in Erections

    Hello, Before Penis Enlargement I was able to make my penis curve upwards when fully erect with ease, but now it's much more difficult. My erections are just as hard, but my penis just kind've hangs. Is this something that happens in the process of Penis Enlargement or is it something...
  10. B

    Penis Curve Correction. GF Reaction

    I think I might need to sort out the curve in my penis. I was having sex yesterday with my GF, and it was hurting her in doggy. I tried moving to different angles to find the sweet spot but found I was just hurting her. I wasn't going at it hard, I was just testing her reactions. In the end she...
  11. G

    Upward penis curve=extra girthlike effects

    i always wondered if the curve actually gave more girthlike effects than what one's actual girth was. as hard as this will be to describe, hear me out. when a penis is curved upward, i would think that it would open (from top to bottom, not sides) the vagina even further than a straight one...
  12. M

    best exercise for length? best exercise to fix a curve?

    I've got a hanger, been doing that but I want to know what is ideal for length. i don't care about girth, i'm fine there. just want to get long. also whats the best technique for correcting a slight to moderate penis curve to the left? THANKS!!!
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