penis clamp

  1. B

    BaseG Girth/MidShaft/Base

    Please do not Dismiss me as a Newbie as I have been on This website around 3 Maybe 4 Years now (Not an Account Holder until recent) Wanted to Thank the Brotherhood as the knowledge within this forum is Extremely powerful to Men worldwide. I Never measured before so do not really have...
  2. A

    Input required

    Im not new to PE, although not that regular i must say. I have never been consistant in my routine, but my irrergular PE has given me some gains and now im thinking of getting it a serious go. Im married with kids so i do pe in stealth. Mostly i have done jelqs (dry and wet) , stretches etc...
  3. ludens

    Getting more "Depth" (girth)

    Hey everyone. I have been focusing on girth (on and off) for about 4 years, mostly through using the bathmate and jelqing. I've seen great results, around .5" more length and girth overall, and much better flaccid hang which is a great feeling haha. But most of my girth gains have come...
  4. D

    Girth enlargement

    Hi So I'm new here and I can't complaint about my genetics when it comes to penis size. Without any enlargement it's 7 inch long and 5-5.3 inches girth. I like my length, and I don't want any more because i bottom out my girlfriend already. I just want more girth, I want to stretch her out to...
  5. stillwantmore

    hanger Penis Clamp...Yep, Still Available

    Hey everyone. I have had a few guys ask me recently if I still sell my Penis Clamp device. Yes I do! I have lowered the price recently to $17.99 + Shipping. Like with hanger, purchases also help go toward my monthly donation to MOS. I do not currently sell the Penis Clamp on my site, but I...
  6. T

    where do i buy a clamp???

    Im trying to find the cable clamp online i cant find it anywhere! ive been googling and searching for it I cant find anything! Where can i buy a good clamp or the cable clamp?
  7. D

    VACHANGER: any one gain using lower weights (5 lbs and under) and longer times?

    I can't use this thing safely above 6 pounds. Was wondering if anyone used this thing successfully with low weights and longer time? Any advice?
  8. jekyllnhyde360

    Blood came out of glans while clamping???

    i had just started clamping and went to do a squeeze and a nickel sized blood drop came out of the glans, then another smaller one. i tried squeezing the glans and another drop came out and that was it. i could still stay hard but the spongiosum completely emptied. Not sure why? hopefully...
  9. master_mind

    Clamping and sex.

    I tried it. I was scared in the beginning. But then was fine. I enjoyed. But later had to remove for my penis becomes very fat. So now less pressure why using he clamp for sex. Have to be careful so that the clamp does not hurt my partner. With clamping length also increases.
  10. M

    For heavy clamp users what's your routine?

    I tried a search didn't get much of an answer. Im wondering for most hardcore clampers what your routine is like? Specificly people who base their PE around clamping. I'm getting really girth focused again after talking with my wife and wanting a break from pumping . Im hoping to find a...
  11. 8

    looking for good clamp

    Is there a clamp out there that is gonna fit the penis well. I've bought a cable clamp and had no luck. Either too small or too big. Also am considering clamping while doing SSJs. I don't want it too tight to prevent injury. Or is the safest form of clamping to just put it on without SSJs...
  12. stillwantmore

    Introducing hanger 2 The Best Overall Weight Hanger Value $39.99

    Hello MOS. First of all a big thanks to DLD and MOS for letting me suggest hanger to men who are looking for a weight hanging specific device. A percentage of all profits goes back to MOS and the Brotherhood in the form of a $15 commission per sale. More information about hanger...
  13. youknowme123321

    ThickerMan Clamp Use and Review - Video

    Opening ThickerMan Clamp Package I will soon be posting a more detailed review 44
  14. C

    I seem to have developed an issue with my penis after 2 years of exercises with it...

    As the title says i have been doing Penis Enlargement for about 2 years now and in that time i have used the size genetics extender which i used for about a year but have stopped since. I do normal girth and length Penis Enlargement exercises and i also use the Bathmate Golliath. After 2...
  15. C


    What is a penis clamp and where can i get one Cheers Cobert
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