1. M


    Is it ok to jack of rest days and will it effect gains and is 20 mins enough to jelq i use penilizer same as jelq device just without rollers is it good enough using it straight down or should I turn it sideways to and me and my woman get busy once a day or every other day will that effect gains
  2. M

    the penilizer has tryd this.or.heard of this and.does
  3. DLD

    I told everyone not to post products in the main forum! PLEASE READ!

    I made an announcement last month that no PE products that we have no approved to be posted in the PE products and reviews. I will delete any thread that does not follow these rules. If you continue to do so I will ban. This is no a marketplace for people to promote what they want to promote...
  4. T

    Jelqing Device

    What you guys think about this Jelqing Device? I know someone of you will say this device is BS.. But I really would like to have the Testicle Power Enhancer and Nano Far Infrared Rehabilitater!!! Product Info, Passioner Inc.
  5. C

    Five Phase Routin

    SO i have gotten mos 5 phase routine. currently i am doing his beginner routine because dld said he needed to update the paysite one to match is newbie routine. i have taken out the jelqs and replaced them with the penilizer jelq device. also hve added 5 mins of pumping in between sets of jelqs...
  6. D

    Fast gains.

    Currently with the penilizer im gaining half an inch a month. Im at 9.25 inches bone pressed erect length already. My question is what would you do if you could gain half an inch in length a month?
  7. Tearitup

    Anyone have a Penilizer?

    Just ordered a Penilizer for the heck of it ... only like 35 bucks with free shipping. Just wondering if anyone has one and if they like it?
  8. J

    Absolutely no gains after 1 month of the beginner routine

    I did the beginner routine consistently for a month and now I feel pretty shitty now because as it turns out I was wasting my time. I haven't gained even 0.1 inch, my dick is exactly the same as it was a month ago. I've heard of beginners gaining an inch in a week and I feel discouraged and...
  9. youknowme123321

    Video - penilizer jelq tool

    I have been using the Penilizer for close to 2 weeks now. I really like it. I have never really added jelqing into my routine with any consistency b/c I don't like to use my hands when doing PE. I believe the hands to be less effective then many tools. Tools make PE funner and easier to perform...
  10. smokey622

    Setting up for 2015, advice & motivation.

    Hopefully I can keep myself motivated and motivate another brother on the forum with this post. So it's really time for me to get up off my ass and and just keep pushing no matter how hard it gets. Trying to get in shape, PE, perform at my job and start a business. So for those of you who are...
  11. superman05xx

    Hoarder's PE Equipment SELL!!!!!! (Must see)

    Hoarder's PE Equipment SELL!!!!!! Bathmate Goliath (water leaks a bit until seal is created) – The largest hydropump in existence for those trying to become monstrous. Value: $192.93 Vacutech Air Pump Equipment – includes flared 2.25x9, 2.5x 9 and the Elliptical thick wall 2.25x1.75x9...
  12. T

    Starting a foreskin restoration career

    My interest in foreskin restoration has been sparked once again. I'm tired of feeling that sensation of the head rubbing against my pants and I hear uncut guys don't experience that. I read that uncut guys have more nerve endings and sensitivity for more pleasure and I even think it looks...
  13. C

    My newest tool arrived. The Penilizer. So far, I like. It works great for jelqing and stretching. Don't use lube if you want to use it for stretching.
  14. T

    My easy to follow yet powerful routine

    Hi, This is a very simple yet effective routine that I made that is actually fun and easy to stick to which is the most important thing. It took me years to figure out and this is basically the finished product of constant tweaking. I found this routine really flows and is very simple and to the...
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