pelvic floor

  1. bluetard117

    Thoughts on the SiliStretcher after a week

    Hey all, I've slowly been getting back into PE after taking a hiatus from anything PE related because of a pelvic floor injury. If you want to know what happened, look up 'Cyclists Syndrome', and that's exactly what happened to me. Thankfully, after a lot of help and physical therapy from a...
  2. Yves

    OFFICIAL how to effectively do a reverse kegel? Reverse kegel Help thread

    Hi to you All, I know the positive effects of the kegel or PC flexes, but what are the benefits of the reversed kegel. Is there anyone who can give me a simple explanation? Thanks Yves What is a kegel? A kegel is the name of a pelvic floor exercise, named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the...
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