1. DLD

    What do you consider �naked people movies�?

    What do you consider �naked people movies�? I know there are different levels but where does it go from innocent sexy to �naked people movies�. I think clothed dancing video or beach videos with consenting adults is where I draw the line. I was edging tonight and I looked at clothes women 'twerking' whatever that is. This...
  2. R

    New York city

    Anyone in new York city that wants to mutually pump together sometimes? Nudist here just beginning to pump and want to compare techniques. Hopefully you've been doing it for a little bit.
  3. U

    Hell Yes! Got My First Compliment/Comment About My Size!

    My girlfriend of nearly 3 years has always been nice about making me feel good about my dick but she finally straight up said, "Did you do something to your dick?" I said, "No. Why?" She's like, "Because it's bigger! It's really fat." Not to mention the fact that lately I have been hurting her...
  4. S

    Girl asked why my dick was so tan.

    So I always freeball and was on vacation for a week with a bunch of friends and I was pantsed. Anyway it was inches away from my friends face. She commented why is it so tan? Should I start doing fire starter exercises to get rid of discolouration?
  5. M

    help, cant stop masturbating. should be stretching instead...

    ... what shall I do to stop my horninest? I did it 3 times last night. 2 days before 3 times in the daytime
  6. P

    Book about John Holmes if anyone is interested...

    I'm pretty sure no one has mentioned this book here before, but it seems like an excellent read. John Holmes a life measured in inches is a book written by and details accounts from legendary �naked people movies� actors and colleagues of Holmes. Why read a book about some sleazy �naked people movies�star? Because that sleazy...
  7. ithiel

    I been bit by the insecurity bug

    So today while on a break I meet this dime. Fine ass. I get this byrd's number and shit, and ya mean I'm thinking ahead of myself, but shit this e notoriety :cool: I nailed plenty of bitches in my time, especially pre-Penis Enlargement which I was a 6x5. Now even being at 7.8x5.7 I'm feelin...
  8. P

    Late Bloomer Syndrome?

    I was thinking maybe some people's penis doesn't hit it's final growth spurt until real late. when my cousin was like 13/14, he was hung. i'd say 7x6 his brother was always small as hell, smaller than me even, until he was about 17 and all of a sudden boom he was hung too. i'm 20 years...
  9. P

    How to get more people to join MOS?

    It seems like there aren't many members and it bothers me. I'm used to having over 1,000 people on a forum at one time. I've been posting this link all over the internet to try and get more people to join because we need more members, it's just too boring without just a few people here. It also...
  10. P

    Ron Jeremy a little above average?

    I was watching the surreal life and they were at a nudist resort. Trichelle a cast member got naked and Ron Jeremy said he would as long as someone else did. When he took off his towel trishelle said his penis was a little above avergae nothing to be compared to a horse. Just goes to show how...
  11. T

    Anyone tried Leech Oil?

    This stuff supposedly contains something that increases blood flow when rubbed in and is ideal for jelqing. I've read up on it and it seems like there is a NPenis Enlargement movement that swears by this stuff for their jelqing and gets very good results from it. Just wondering if anyone...
  12. Stunna

    Size complex

    I was thinking about this the other day was wondering if maybe I could get some input from all the guys here that started out below "average" in size and are now average or greater. I'm 6.2" BPenis EnlargementL by 4" EG and I'm wondering if I am still going to have the same feelings of...
  13. freakybig

    John Holmes

    Hey guys, do any of you know what John Holmes' real size was? I know he was often advertised to have a 14" dick, but come on, that's just ridiculous. From the video clips featuring him that I have downloaded, I've gotta say the guy is fucking huge (length and girth). My guess would be about...
  14. S

    DLD's 'A' Stretch to be featured in next issue of Muscle Mag! ;)

    This is a joke of course but, I was bored again and, tinkering with Macromedia Fireworks (image/graphix prog.) Link Removed
  15. DLD

    Do you see your penis as being larger or smaller than it is?

    Do you see your penis as being larger or smaller than it is? I know I have always viewed my own as smaller than it is. I don't see it as small but I see it as smaller than it is. For instance when I measured 8" I saw it as like 6" when I was 9" I saw it as 8". Now at almost 11" I am just...
  16. DLD

    Do You Suffer from Penile Dysmorphic Disorder?

    Do You Suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder? Body Dysmorphic Disorder is an O.C.S.D. Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorder. As many of my friends here know I suffer greatly from O.C.D. and B.D.D. I also work with many people online who too suffer from some of these behaviors/disorders. I am...
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