no girth gain

  1. C

    NO girth gain from X30 Xtreme

    I am wondering if anybody has a solution for lack of girth gain from using the X30 Xtreme Bathmate. I received the bathmate about 3 weeks ago. At the end of first week I gained 1/4" in length and currently still have the 1/4" in length after about 3 weeks of continued use. For whatever reason I...
  2. jekyllnhyde360

    question for DLD about erect stretches?

    Hey DLD, i just started using erect stretches becaus i just think that it would be cool to see if i can get some erect length from these, but lately i've been having trouble stretching . i have 2 issues , one is that when i stretch erect i always loose the blood trapped in the glans quickly so...
  3. T

    Ligs Question

    Now i seen a pic awhile back showing 3 different ligs or is there just the suspensory ligament? Then reason is i feel i've maxed out the suspensory ligament from the top and i feel as though i could stretch my penis to great lengths except i have 2 steel wires on the bottom/side of my penis...
  4. H

    Almost no girth gain in 1 year. Help!

    So I've been consistently doing girthwork in the form of jelqing, clamping and SSJs almost every day to no avail. Something has got to change. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've had temp gains that lasted like a week or two, but they would mysteriously disappear. I guess this must be...
  5. P

    no girth gains

    I've got a lil problem here. I started in July last year, but I haven't made girth gains since. As long as I made quick length gains (almost an inch since then) I didn't care much, but now I'd like to gain a lil girth. I've already got a nice girth (5.5, and 5.7 at the shaft) but I wouldn't...
  6. S

    4 months no girth gains

    Exactly what the title says. Been clamping for a month str8, no results. Clamped for 3 days a week 60 mins a session when school started, no gains. Dld's girth gains.......jelqing, minimal gains. I dont think my penis is affected by girth workouts. ONly length.
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