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    Newbie and lost!

    Heey guys whatsup! Im trying to get in a PE routine consistent, I have started with the stretches: straight forward, right, left, up, v-stretch, between the legs behind, v-stretch. This X2 and each one gets 30 seconds, so a total of 7 minutes of stretching. (during stretches my erection is...
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    Opinions please

    BPEL 7.5" EG 5.5" NBPFL 7" BPFL 4.25" FG 4" NBPFL 3.75 Stretched 7.75" What kind of gains could I realistically see without buying any tools, just using jelqing and stretching techniques. As well as a realistic time frame to gain 1"x1" I would love to reach 9x6.5-7
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