mushroom tip

  1. megamike

    Cupping therapy DIY phallosan

    So I was browsing through my prefered online store and found a cupping therapy kit. It comes with 12 cups (quite similar to the bells but obviously way more sizes) and a vacuum pump. I would think something could be fashioned so that it can be used as a phallosan forte but I got no ideas of how...
  2. G

    How to increase glans girth and size

    Hi brothers I've been jelqing a lot the past couple of weeks and I've noticed improvements in girth at the middle and the base, basically improvements anywhere under the mushroom tip. However, I would like to improve the girth of my mushroom tip as well, could you please divulge some...
  3. G

    Safe and Manual way to increase the size of the glans a.k.a. mushroom tip

    Guys, do you know of a safe manual way to increase the size of the glans a.k.a. mushroom tip APART from Jelqng? Thanks.
  4. Lightning

    Congratulations Youknowme123321, You Won a Phallosan!

    That's right! Due to being one of our most active posters here you have a Phallosan forte on the way! Keep it up and win more prizes!
  5. REDZULU2003

    A SizeGenetics routine

    Pasting several good SizeGenetic or alternative extender routines for all to use. Many questions asked about routines for extenders and I hope these routines can assist you all. Routine #1 Week 1 Day 1 - It's recommended that you start at the lightest setting possible at first. Though the...
  6. M

    Flaccid jelqs for head size

    Just lettin youguys know that my head size blows up, and when i say blows up I mean like serious girth increaseas in my head, bigger than anything I've had with a full blown boner. when doin flaccid jelqs and it stays that way for a good while, not to mention a much longer/thicker penis...
  7. I

    newbie here, glans?

    Ok can someone explain to me what part they mean when you talk about the glans when doing a stretching exercise? I am new to this and i want to do it the right way and get results i dont want to hurt myself or waist my time doing this wrong. Thanks