1. bombdick

    Measurement Marks - Extreme x30/40

    Does that comfort attachment at the base accounted for in reference to the measurement lines on the clear plastic part? In other words... If I hit 6.5" mark in the Bathmate Extreme, is it really 6.5" or is it above 6.5" because of the insert comfort pad?
  2. GeoKnight94

    My Measurements

    So after my first week of doing PE I decided to do some more measuring 17/1/2015 Flaccid: Length: 16.4 CM Girth: Upper:10.9 CM Mid:11.2 CM Lower: 12.5 Erect Bent: 16:6 Non bent: 16:9 Upper:12CM Mid:12.8CM Lower: 13.9CM 25/01/2015 Flaccid...
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