1. Lightning


    Inside your SiliStretcher2 package you will find the following contents: SiliStretcher2(s) of choice
 Blue SiliPad and gel pads
 Two DuroSleevs Two SiliSleev2s One SiliCap2 ADS (All Day Stretcher) Belt with clip SiliStrap Shoulder Strap Hanging arbor and spring clip Weight plates (2.5lbs...
  2. supermeatboy

    Found a simple trick to help with grip in manual exercises

    This method does not need talc/baby powder; No constant purchasing of powders needed ( ! ) This is for stretching. It is very comfortable, and you can grip the shaft with all fingers, not just with the index finger and the thumb. You need a silicone tube and a shoe string (preferably a flat...
  3. Sycheaus

    Teaching partner PE exercises?

    Have any of the brothers ever taught their significant other any enlargement techniques to practise on you? My girl has expressed interest in me showing her some manual work for her to do on me, was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or experiences to share? Thinking I'll show her how to...
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