male hanger

  1. Darkmoon

    A better way to hang with the male hanger

    Hello everybody I just found out something very cool to do with a Malehanger I just joined a Malehanger live chat room and Stillwantmore tell me about using a Sila sleeve to hang with so I put on my silisleev and wrap like I usually do and I hung them more than I usually do and my skin was in...
  2. Darkmoon

    Male hanger v silistretcher

    With one is best or does the Male hanger hit ligs better or does the silistretcher hit tunica/ligs better at the same time because Male hanger attaches at the mid shaft Silistretcher attaches just below the head/head. I'm curious if they hit the same or different parts of your penise thanks.
  3. P

    Looking to start hanging, need advise on an affordable hanging device

    Hey guys, I am new here but not new to PE, I have done all the conditioning and now I am ready to start hanging, I am looking for a good hanging device so far I have seen sizedoctor here and that looks very good but its a bit pricey so I am looking at the male hanger and the bib hanger but I...