1. 92tmorgan

    Theraband Alternative

    Anyone know of an alternative to a theraban I can go get? Need it for better traction and to cause less slippage while using LM3. Need something today is why I ask.
  2. B

    LM3 sold out!? :(

    Just as I made the decision to buy LM3, it sold out! :( Any idea on restocking times? Days? Weeks? Months? Thxs
  3. 92tmorgan

    Shoulder surgery

    I recently had to have surgery in my shoulder because of a snowboarding injury. Now I’m limited to one hand. I’ve was going pretty hard at it with LM3 bundles BTC stretches. But now with the one arm out of commission I’m wondering what I can try and do to make up for the force of pulling with...
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