1. D

    Ordered the SizeGenetics, will I need more rods?

    Hello guys! I just ordered the SizeGenetics and I have a few questions. I'm gonna buy the VLC Tugger aswell, do you know how I take measurements and what measurements do I need? My penis is 8.3-5 Bone pressed erect length, will I need more rods? and If I do need more, where do I order it...
  2. J

    My SizeGenetics with Daily Updates

    I'll detail my experience with the SizeGenetics (SG) Extender here similar to my Bathmate thread. Let's start with ordering Ordering was easy after following the link from MOS for the awesome discount. Shipping by UPS (which turns out they use DHL) and paid $185.25USD. Shipping is from the...
  3. matthew2003

    hanger or extender, which is better?

    Hey guys, kind of new to Penis Enlargement, i have an extender, which is good because i can use it outside the house, but i spend most of my time at home at my computer desk wearing it, since i spend most of my time at my desk do you think better results would come from hanging as much as...
  4. bigc77

    best exercises??

    i was just wondering what all of you think were your best exercises for length: and girth: post your favourite and best working exercises please :)
  5. S

    Phase by Phase...How vital?

    It has been suggested that one should do the program Phase by Phase and milk each Phase for ever bit of growth you can get. I have several very related questions that spring from this... (I over a year ago did about 90 days of Penis Enlargement and have begun again and am just less than a week...
  6. DLD

    What happened with Jen and Me.

    In response to the MOS saga and the Jen situation: Nothing has changed for MOS members. Many people have made "constructive" criticisms of my claims among others. Many legitimately curious people have asked for clarifications and explanations that were implicit and in the realm of...
  7. C

    I'm back guys

    Hello all - I am finally done moving into my new place and got all my internet wires done and such. I have been notified some of you gotten confussed with our product. Yes it is a JES extender but we have the rights to sell it as the ViMax Extender :) Sorry if there was any confussion. If...
  8. eonnemisis

    Homemade Jesextender

    Hey there enlargers, i've only just joined this forum, but i noticed that there are bugger all post on building your own extenders. I did notice however that there are many people who would be interested in trying an extender, but their considerable price tags are somewhat of a deterent. For...
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