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    request: Jes extender promo code 2017

    I know Jes extender and size genetics made by the same company. but the "MOS100" code doesn't work on Jes's site. anyone know any promotion code?
  2. W

    JES extender and bundling, anyone ever try?

    I am getting back into working out and maxing out my Penis Enlargement. Between many of the threads and posts it becomes clear that for faster gains you should be bundling the the ligaments. I made my own cheap "LengthMaster" type device that I use to crank, hold and stretch the ligs when Im...
  3. F

    For Sale: Size Genetics/Jes Extender, VLC Tugger & Fleshlight Case

    Size Genetics/Jes Extender - This is in excellent condition. It has been used lightly - maybe a month or two. $110 or best offer. VLC Tugger - This is brand new and never been used. Size is 32mm flaccid and 38mm erect. I paid $63 for it shipped. I am asking for $40 or best offer. FleshLight...
  4. L

    Trouble getting used to JES Extender, circulation and comfort

    I bought a JES extender clone a few months ago and I only used it a few times for about a week because I couldn't seem to get used to how it place it, or I simply had read incorrect information. Here is what I am doing: I am wrapping with ace bandage. I am using about an 8 inch length and...
  5. C

    Anyone use a Jes Extender?

    I just bought one of these offline. I've done lots of research on both the SG and the Jes. It seems as though the SG is actually manufactured by the same company that makes Jes, but it's just a slightly different product. Seeing as this is such, does anyone have any qualms about the Jes...
  6. B

    Jes Extender/SG; This is by far the most annoying thing ive tried

    I just got my JES Extender, looks just like the SG. But its sooo frustrating to get it to fin, i mean, the rubber strip thats supposed to sit just under the head just slips and its impossible to get it to sit firmly. I dont have a huge head/cock, but i'd expect this kinda product to be also...
  7. S

    Jes Extender Bars Seized by Customs

    I recently ordered some extra bars from Jes Extender for my SizeGenetics device. Sadly, I never received them as they were seized by US Customs and Border Protection. I got a rather long letter stating that the bars are a Class III medical device and do not have in effect an approved...
  8. DLD

    NEW SizeGenetics Extender + 16 Way Comfort System + STUDY - Over 60% Off! Only $161!

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  9. DLD

    SizeGenetics Extender....$165.00! originally $425.00

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  10. B

    JES Extender

    Hello all, I am a newbie to the Penis Enlargement community and hope to achieve some of the same results as all of you. I have been following DLD's manual routine for about 3 months and recently purchased a JES extender. My only question is about adjusting the traction on the device. I adjust...
  11. B

    Whats more Effective, 1 hr. of Manual Stretches or Jes Extender 6-8 hrs a day???

    Just wondering your though Family, Whats more Effective, 1 hr. of Manual Stretches a day or Jes Extender 6-8 hrs a day??? I will do Newbee Routine 3 times a day. Morning Evening, and Before Bed 20min each session. I also will do 1 hr Pump for girth broken down in 6 ten minute sets, once...
  12. M

    JES Extender (SizeGenitcs) = Big Scam

    Dear friends, I tell you this because you are genuinely wanting to help us straighten our dick issues. However, let us alert all the innocent and vulnerable ones. After saving £200 = $360 over hard-working 7 months, I ordered the Jes Extender last week. I discovered it was a scam the same day...
  13. I

    jes extender etc

    hey guys considering gettinone of these extenders. anyone any tips on the best one to get. any is it comfortable for uncut guys to use it and produce good gains ? thanx
  14. S

    JES extender in use pic...

    Here I am wearing my new JES Extender. This is at about "1200grams" resistance after a little over 2 hours. No problems at this point. Working on the third hour now. Using both sets of long rods.
  15. S I mean JES Extender progress Log (Mine)

    Ok, got my, I mean JES (LOL) Extender today via the brown truck. Starting to wear it today. I will be using no other exercises for length. Only this stretcher. I wrap with a setup similar to I would if hanging. Using some soft cloth underwrap, I wrap around about one and a half...
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