1. N

    Erect Jelqing Dangerous??

    I did erect jelqing for a couple of years... I had great results, my erections were way harder and thicker so I kept at it. It was a while back so my memory isn't great but i kind of stopped because my homemade power jelqer broke. I noticed my erections getting softer, i don't know if it's...
  2. B

    Long time fan return p.e. (Pics included.)After years

    Hello everyone, Ive always been a big enthusiast of p e. But years have passed, dealing with many life problems. I suffer with severe depression and anxiety. I just' haven't been able do p.e. in quite a while due to many tragic events in my life I used to be 10" . I've lost my size . Im...
  3. B

    Curve correction

    Brand new here . Looking to correct some curve . Think I’ve had this curve as long as I can remember not sure if it’s through trauma etc or just a natural occurrence . Started yesterday . 30 mins stretch / traction with silicone sleeve and suction cup 30 mins semi erect jelq against curve 5...
  4. A

    Can sleeves be used as "All Day Stretcher" or to prevent turtling and maintain size after jelqing?

    I'm wondering if a simple sleeve can be used to maintain longer size, prevent turtling and remain size after jelqing sessions. Looking for something that is easy to wear in sleeve form for night or daily. But will it be of any use? Can sleeve actually extend penis or maintain gains better? Or...
  5. 8incyclops

    Erect Jelqing

    Has anyone had success with erect jelqs for length?
  6. Avglen61

    PE without equipments

    Has anybody tried PE without equipments...... I have been doing PE(without equipment) since November and I have only gained so little...... Is PE really possible without equipments? I am sharing my current routine Feel free to advice some changes..... Stretch Day: Phase 1: DLD A stretches...
  7. H

    Cumming while jelqing

    So I exploded while I was in a jelq session I wanted to know if I was doing something wrong? Is that considered masturbating? I tried to stop when the feeling came but when I started again it happened. Should I have ended the jelqing or kept going?
  8. C

    Is semi erect jelqing useless?

    I’ve been doing 100 semi erect 2-3 second jelqs a day with medium pressure. I’ve read a few articles on here that it doesn’t help as much as erect jelqs do... should I just switch to erect jelqs? My main concern is damaging my veins and causing insensitivity...but I’ll start out slow with low...
  9. S

    BathMate jelqing - endless supersets

    The way I understand it, jelqing counters all fluid retention and signs of bruising. I’m beginning to test my limits and I’m having no evidence that I should slow down other than my own common sense. I didn’t expect I’d be comfortably doubling the recommended usage in my first week. Here is...
  10. A

    Newbie and lost!

    Heey guys whatsup! Im trying to get in a PE routine consistent, I have started with the stretches: straight forward, right, left, up, v-stretch, between the legs behind, v-stretch. This X2 and each one gets 30 seconds, so a total of 7 minutes of stretching. (during stretches my erection is...
  11. D

    Need advice on a routine (Really need your help)

    Hey people of the forum. I've been "doing pe" (very very inconsistently) since December 2015. I ordered the Bathmate x30 then and have been doing pumping for a few days then stopping for weeks. Jelqing for a few days, then stopping for weeks. (You get the picture). I'm currently at 5.5 inches...
  12. D

    PE For a Year and No Gains and Negative Results. Help???

    Hello, I've been following PE exercises for a while. I started PE about a year and a half ago in April 2013. Since then all I've seen is negative results. I've tried everything from jelqing to clamping to hanging to kegels and edging and numerous stretches and girth exercises including the...
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