jelqing device

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    Anyone ever use the Power J Gym?

    I wanted to use a device for jelqing to improve my routine, so I came across this device and I'm intrigued. I know I can jelq with my hands, but I really like using devices. In my opinion, it makes PE fun and more efficient. So, any thoughts?
  2. M

    my fingers are.swollen

    is fingers index n.thumb are swollen I.prove Manuel stretch n.can't afford length master right now . get swelling .to stop
  3. T

    Jelqing Device

    What you guys think about this Jelqing Device? I know someone of you will say this device is BS.. But I really would like to have the Testicle Power Enhancer and Nano Far Infrared Rehabilitater!!! Product Info, Passioner Inc.
  4. C

    Five Phase Routin

    SO i have gotten mos 5 phase routine. currently i am doing his beginner routine because dld said he needed to update the paysite one to match is newbie routine. i have taken out the jelqs and replaced them with the penilizer jelq device. also hve added 5 mins of pumping in between sets of jelqs...
  5. D

    Should I get a jelq?

    I've been thinking about place a order it, so i can use both jelq and bathmate for two per day (morning and evening). I don't expect i would get my dick gained by 2 or longer inches next year but just want to get 8+ inches dick if possible ^___^ However i want to know whether its safe to use...
  6. P

    New pe device !!!!

    i found this AUTOMATIC JELQING DEVICE....atleast it looks automatic please have a look and tell me if i should buy Penis Enlargement Pump with LCD Controls for Men in Penis Enlargers & Pumps from Sexpiration Male Toys by
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    Monthly Prize Giveaway Contest......Win a Hydromax X30 Details Inside

    Matters of Size Monthly Contest to Win the Newest Products We are starting a new contest that will give away a product each month. This month we will be giving away a new Hydromax X30. In order to win this prize you need to have the most posts in the month of July. So at the end of July...
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    Considering a Jelqing Device

    So I've never been a big believer in these things. Ever since I discovered that they weren't hands free contraptions I've wondered what the point was but recently I'm getting a nasty dark red mark in the same spot every time. This suggests my hands are pressuring a specific point, despite my...
  9. T

    Jelqing machine?

    Hi guys, came across this website selling jelqing equipment The hand grip and the ability to adjust the roller resistance make this looks impressive. Anyone tried before? Will a jelqing equipment more effective than...
  10. H

    Jelq Device

    Ive been looking around everywhere it seems everyone found a jelq device at a low price. I saw a dude that bought it for 7.50$ on ebay.. Legit.. But im not that lucky lol. The prices ive been seeing is 60$-85 for the device.. And im not confident in making one. Ide rather just buy it to be...
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    where is the cheapest place to buy help
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    size genetics

    hi everyone im new to this whole pe game looked at alot of the posts good stuff but my head is still spining it sure is a lot to take in anyway long story short im off work for next 6 mouths so i have a lot of time to kill so im going hardcore on the wee guy today ordered sg ut Bathmate jelqing...
  13. B

    DLD, any plans to make a jelq device to do for jelq wat LM did for manual stretching?

    LM made manual stretching intense x10fold, any plans to make a device that would make make jelqing 10x more effective then manual jelqing?
  14. DLD

    What do you want MOS to carry for sale. All Users Read

    Just joking about the termination thing:) But I really need your feedback. OK, I am getting a bit disturbed with how much money is being spent on items many are using. SOme of these products I will be glad to bulk purchase, store and sell to help save everyone money. So far I will be...
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    Be New to MOS? Introduce you're self here!

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    lower erection angle

    If i wanted a lower erection angle can i do it by getting an erection and pushing it down, or do i just do alot of BTC streches?
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    Oops, let the Power Assist cat out of the bag at Thundersplace...

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