1. J

    Jelqbud routine - Bathmate x 30

    Hi guys, Well, today was my third session using the Bathmate x30. I've been starting very gradually in using it. Prior to the x30 arriving I did DLD's stretching routine and I jelqed for 3sets. I took two days off to slow things to fully heal before I started the Bathmate routine. The...
  2. higherone

    Be New to MOS? Introduce you're self here!

    Welcome to Matters of Size- The world's best penis enlargement program on the Internet! But we're much more than this. Penis Enlargement, or penis enlargement, also increases sexual stamina so you can last longer in bed, and erection and orgasm quality, so you're getting maximum pleasure out...
  3. DLD

    Uncle Jims Wrap - UJW - UJS - ADS Now Available Here!

    Ace Strapped Using a ACE bandage in a completely flaccid state wrap your penis in a stretched position from base to tip. Keep it wrapped for 15 minute intervals and re-wrap to keep blood flow good. This can be worn all day as long as it is re-wrapped every 15 minutes to promote blood...
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