1. cocky_coffee_lover

    Newbie Incumming

    Hello my fellow PE brothers, CCL here to try and learn from the best and start my PE journey off right! I've lurked around the forum a little bit and I think DLD or SIM said somewhere that it's pretty daunting to try and take all this info in, and he was right, so bare with me while I learn the...
  2. D


    Hello Everyone! Current BPEL: 8.5 inches EG: tapered. 5.375 average in top half and 5.75 average bottom half (6 right at base) Goal: EG: 6 inch at smallest point. BPEL: Honestly, I don't think I want any more length. I wouldn't mind losing 1/2 inch if I could convert to girth lol. Issues: I...
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