1. B

    4.5 months in

    Hi guys, I found �other forum� back in 2004 but didn't take the plunge due to tight frenulum and foreskin, along with very loose shaft and long foreskin making jelqing impossible. Found the GB subreddit in December and have been down the rabbit hole ever since. So here's the history of my gains...
  2. S

    New member intro

    Hello everyone, Signed up today. Have been researching and have started a routine. I’m only 2 weeks in and have been doing everything slowly and working up. It started with jelqing and I also purchased a bathmate. With the bathmate I just went with the hydroextreme 9 based on measurements and...
  3. cocky_coffee_lover

    Newbie Incumming

    Hello my fellow PE brothers, CCL here to try and learn from the best and start my PE journey off right! I've lurked around the forum a little bit and I think DLD or SIM said somewhere that it's pretty daunting to try and take all this info in, and he was right, so bare with me while I learn the...
  4. D


    Hello Everyone! Current BPEL: 8.5 inches EG: tapered. 5.375 average in top half and 5.75 average bottom half (6 right at base) Goal: EG: 6 inch at smallest point. BPEL: Honestly, I don't think I want any more length. I wouldn't mind losing 1/2 inch if I could convert to girth lol. Issues: I...
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