information to all brothers

  1. squirt_inducer_man

    Information to all brothers: Find information through tags

    If you press on an interesting tag, you will get all the information that got that tag (threads, Albums, Videos...). It's a fun way to find information. This is why it's important to choose the best tags when creating information. When starting to write a tag, you will get up all the curent...
  2. squirt_inducer_man

    RULES Please stop posting ���/p related content.

    Can we agree as a brotherhood to not post anything about �naked people movies�/p related on It will hurt us bad in our search results with Google. I can't keep censoring everything. Hope everyone understands this. Use the term: naked people movies if you must mention it.
  3. squirt_inducer_man

    Information to all brothers: New content! It's called resources

    We need to utilize all of our power to spread penis enlargment information, so I have started to implement/use resources. I hope you like it. A little diffrent way to spread information. It will get better and better as time progress. It's only Administrators that can add resourses for now, but...
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