1. T

    what bathmate should I get?

    hi im currently 6.6 inches long and 1.2 inches in girth and I think im going to get the hydromax x30 to increase my length and girth. is this the right choice? I've never had problems with my penis but I just want to be bigger for my own personal happiness. thanks. and does it come in a discreet...
  2. Bluewolff

    Bathmate Hyrdomax x30 questions

    its bin 3 days since i bought the bathmate Hydromax X30, and im kinda starting to ask questions.. 1) once you reach the 2nd or 3th week - do you then go from 3x5 min to 15 min streight? 2) i put on the bathmate and pump - after 2-3 min it feels like the pressure inside the tupe is dying, i...
  3. DLD

    Bathmate and Newbies, How to Make Huge Gains Fast!

    Get a Bathmate Hydromax, Bathmate X-40 or Bathmate X-40 Realize Instant Usable Size! Perfect for Girth and Length Expansion! ORDER DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER USING THIS LINK I thought I should make a post on this topic as I get many questions about the Bathmate and newbies wondering how to...