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    What are these spotty discolorarion along my penile shaft?

    Some call it discoloration, some called it spotting, other called it blemishes, but they are all actually correlate with one another. Before we go on, let's identify what it is with this photo from Men's Health website. Other brothers posted their penis having similar conditions like this, or...
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    Red hyperpigmentation (or something)

    Hey guys, As most of you probably know, I've done a lot of experimentation to get rid of my discoloration which was very very dark. I've been able to get rid of most of the dark but I notice a reeccuring redness. When I do the firegoat roll or deep tissue massages, it goes away and I see my...
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    discolor/beauty Nasty discolouration (with pics)

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask if some of you have discolouration this bad and how you prevented or cured it. I think I got this a couple of months ago due to my jelqing and squeezes. I'm doing my best to get rid of it because I'm really really hating this discolouration. I got the Monkey...
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