1. W


    I'm not sure where the "general" section is but, I was just curious if any of you have suffered from this. Within the past year, I had roughly 3 instances where I had a sudden 'hungry attack' and started sweating and became weak. After stuffing my face with food (anything sweet was what I was...
  2. ChilDsh

    Food and ED/EQ

    Hello friends,i've been talking to my urlogist lately and he gave me this list of foods to avoid / eat if you want to have the best EQ and don't get ED later on. Avoid 1)Hamburgers/foods with a lot of unhealthy fats. Fast food,MCdonalds,KFC,they are all really bad for your overall...
  3. H

    I need more energy!!!

    So i am doing intense routine but i need more force,more energy,how can i help myself?should i take creatin?amino? drink something...i really need strength!!!! tnx.
  4. L

    question for guys who lost weight

    I know it varies from person to person but approximately how much weight should be lost for 1/2 inch gain in length? Please tell your experience
  5. L

    Supplements I Will Try to Enlarge My Penis

    By what I read on the penis bible website and post I came up with what I will start supplementing with as I am definately not going to spend 129 bucks for some guide to tell me to supplemnet with. These are the supplements I will use to see if I can get penis growth from and also see if I can...
  6. R


    Human Growth Hormone, has anyone tried it..like the real stuff..the stuff that comes in say 5 kits and each kit costing merely 500 dollars? I hear it will make your dick bigger and if I were to get on any kind of hormone builder or testosterone booster, it would be this
  7. P

    Some diet tips

    I have made a list of things I have learned over some time about losing fat (not weight, fat) and cutting. Feel free to correct any of it or add anything to the list. Thanks 1.) A post-workout shake should have: Dextrose, MaltoDextrine and Whey 2.) Fats are not a bad thing, but there is...
  8. J

    Losing the fat pad!

    Been thinking a lot lately about the average size stats and polls,and it seems (to me) that the average would fall somewhere in the 5.5 to 6.5 inches area (erect). After measuring myself bone pressed for some time now,it has just started to dawn on me that the "average size" tests are likely...
  9. DLD

    Dr. Atkins is helping me get more non-bone pressed dick

    Yes folks...I have started the Atkin's Diet about a week and a half ago. I really want to get my 10" to look 11" and I think dieting is the only other thing I can do to help this along. Thinner guys with 7" look huge to me, I want to be thinner too (as I get thicker of course) I am doing...
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