1. T

    Female influence Told my girlfriend about penis enlargement

    It was really tough telling my gf about it and after 2.5 years of doing it she’s the first person I told and surprisingly she took it very week and is helping me pay for a length master and a hydromax extreme
  2. Sycheaus

    Teaching partner PE exercises?

    Have any of the brothers ever taught their significant other any enlargement techniques to practise on you? My girl has expressed interest in me showing her some manual work for her to do on me, was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or experiences to share? Thinking I'll show her how to...
  3. Egghead1

    After 2 years of dating I told my girlfriend about penis enlargement

    Hey guys!! I’ve been so busy with PE, work and life that I barely have time to post anymore so to make up for the last couple of months this is gonna be another long post! So I've been with my woman now for just over 2 years and we finally decided to move in together. When i first met her i had...
  4. DLD

    Never ever ask your girlfriend what her ex-boyfriend’s size was! ????

    It’s wise to not dig into the past of your girlfriends. The only thing you get digging up the past is dirty. Your girlfriend is with you now because she loves you. Believe me she’s not thinking about someone else’s penis, she’s thinking about how much you care and love for her. So don’t ask...
  5. B

    How do you feel about a girlfriend of wife knowing about PE.

    So as the question states, how do you feel about a wife, girlfriend, or significant other knowing that your into PE, well for me, mine has known from day one, as this all started with me having issues with EQ, mine is knows about it and encourages it, mine in fact purchase my bath mate, she has...
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