1. D

    Similar to me..

    Hi I am a newbie on this forum however I have been into penis enlargement for a good 5/6 years and have tried almost everything. I have also bought the MoS package and tried it but will admit not consistently due to circumstances. I have always been around 6'' BPEL and gone up and down a little...
  2. tparker84

    LEX Steele Article Lexington Steele, interviewed by T. Man Bones. Lex, how did you get started in the adult entertainment industry? I went to Syracuse University. I graduated in 1993. From '93 until '98 I was a Wall Street Stock Broker. With one...
  3. J

    Support from spouses

    Hello All, As I've been reading around the forum and seen quite a few threads of guys stating that they don't have much privacy due to one thing or another... a question popped into my head. Do any of you guys out there that have girlfriends, wives, or significant others have support from...
  4. M

    Should I make the leap to Goliath soon?

    The X-40 is great, but at 200, the suction is so great it hurts my balls. Even if i tie them back it still sucks the top of them, so i rarely pump past 195. I'm also at the 200 mark in length and i'm looking to get my girth up to 6 inches in the coming months. Should i go for the X-40 once...
  5. H

    Who have this hanger and is this good? peace!:)
  6. W

    foreskin reduction?

    is it possible to reduce it just a bit without surgery? im really sensitive and have pre ejac problems. i heard that foreskin is a big reason for that.
  7. ZackD89

    My GF told me I "grew HUGE in two and a half months!"

    My GF and I go to distant universities, and did not see each other from the start of the semester until Thanksgiving (2.5 months). During this time, I practiced a modified version of DLD's beginner routine and wore a FastSize for 2-4 hours a day. I figured that it would be fun to give her a...
  8. W


    living at home this is such a problem. so there i am, just got myself set up for a jelq session. locked my room door, put on some porn on the ps3. got my clothes off lay on my bed. got the towel beside me and tissue for clean up later on. my hands were greased in vasiline and my cock. i was...
  9. W

    been jelqing and have a Q

    when i jelq i do a stroke with one han dthen before i let go with that hand i grab the base with the other to keep the blood trapped in the penis and start with my second stroke. is this the right way or am i supose to release the first hand before i grab with the second. the first phase routine...
  10. G

    Curviture Question...

    My penis curves to the left when erect. If I want to correct this, do I bend to the right, jelq to the right? Basically do everything to the right?
  11. W


    i have many problems. dont know where my life is headed no career, hell i dont even know what i wanna do, im just going from one crap job to the next. dont have a girlfriend or had one, have a small cock and now i found pE but soon i'll have to be working like a full time job and two part time...
  12. W

    a question

    hey a question for BTC or whoever is incharge of dunno if this guys your on this forum but i registered for your fourm and didnt get a confirmation email back also emailed and asked you if u accept money order as i wanta max vac but have no credit card. its been about6 days or so...
  13. W

    blood circ cut byt ads and bib hanger

    so i have a auto ads and a bib hanger. after wearing the ads for an hour or so the circulation on my head was cut of and got kind of painfull. then i took it off and it was all purple and shit. the same thing happens with the hanger eccept i can only wear the hanger for like barley 5 mins. and...
  14. K

    Hairy shaft possibly cause of PE/FR

    Hey, Lately I've been noticing those little white bumps on my penis bottom side, you know the ones that the hair grow from. I've always had hair on the base of my shaft but it hardly goes past 0.5 I've started Penis Enlargement and foreskin restoration around a month ago. Now some of these...
  15. W

    nervous, gonna see a doctor for...

    for premature ejaculation. also i have anxiety disorder the social kind and im soon to be reffered to someone for that. i also get depressed from time to time and i heard that doctors often use anti-depressants to treat premature ejac as well i know i posted that ima virgin in other post which i...
  16. W

    Question for pll that are or were at one point around 5inchs

    im about five inchs and and really afraid to have sex because i think the girl will just laugh at my size or whatever. i dont want to be emmaressed, if something like that was to happen i would be so hurt i wouldnt have sex until i felt like my dick was at a good enuff size. i wanna ask to...
  17. W

    Spring Break!!!

    sorry im new and didnt know which forum to put this in but, i was thinking of going to cancun for spring break. i have never gone anywhere for spring break i heard cancun is pretty wild. but my break isnt till a couple weeks into april. so my question is does anyone know if there will still be...
  18. 1

    All Night Stretching Pictures

    See the corresponding thread here:
  19. G

    i want to gain extrem length

    hey as it says i want to gt about 5 more inches i am curently at 5.5 and i want to have ten if any one could help pleas do:)
  20. G

    A curve to the left...

    I was wondering if there were any exercises to take the cure out of my penis. It would be a little bigger without the curve. I'm new, so tell me how to post pics and I will.

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