foreskin restoration

  1. DLD

    Foreskin restoration using the SiliSleeve

    Messing around and I thought if the SiliSleeve could increase foreskin. Using the longersleeve with a good grip work your foreskin up as you roll your SiliSleeve and when you reach the top stay in this position as long as you desire. You want the Sleeve to be tight so it has the strength going...
  2. kynodesme

    Foreskin tugging and restoration using a KYNODESME

    I have been using a Kynodesme for the last three years under my clothing most of the day and find it to be very effective.
  3. D

    Am I able to get my foreskin longer?

    I'm a cut by a nature. I don't know why but find the uncut ones kinda attraction somehow --im not gay, you mind lol! it means i am more jealous of those uncut dicks. A lot of women preferred those over mine. I don't like how my glans look. its complete naked hehee. By the way, as of today, I'm...