1. IAmSpartacus71

    Just bought Lisa Ann's Fleshlight (:

    Last week I bought Lisa Ann's Fleshlight the lotus texture and the minute I got home I opened it and started to fuck it. I have to say it really feels like a real vagina, unlike the previous toy I bought years ago that gives more aggressive sensations. I think this kind of Fleshlight is a great...
  2. MoS-Newbie

    Fleshking.net! Top 10 Fleshlights - Texture Comparisons, Reviews & More!

    Hey guys, I'm surprised that this site isn't mentioned anywhere around here. Check it out if you're thinking about getting a FleshLight! Fleshking - Fleshlight Reviews - Rating & Test They make reviews of the different sleeves and rate them in terms of Intesity, Stimulation, Realism...
  3. A

    Wife found equipment

    So as the title says my wife found my pe stuff, I keep it all in my bottom drawer which she usually goes nowhere near but over the weekend we had a house inspection & when I opened the drawer later there were DVDs placed on top so I know she saw it I have a bib hanger, a hydromax pump & some...
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