flesh light

  1. M

    flesh light

    Hey guys I'm actually going to be having a little more privacy on my hands for the next two months. I'm looking into getting some sort of Fleshlight or masturbator. Is there any certain brand that is the best out there or feels the best? Also something that isn't going to break the bank
  2. ChilDsh

    Fake vagina problem

    Yo guys this is the second fleshlight-type of fake pussy i got and i keep having this problem : I used it about 2-3 times and i used plenty of lubrifiant.The quality seems pretty good,it's not a cheap made in china toy.I'm only 5.75" in girth,so i don't think the problem is on me...is...
  3. stillwantmore

    Move Over Fleshlight! Autoblow Is Here!

    I actually discovered this while researching using crowd funding for adult novelties. It's basically a mechanical version of the Fleshlight. The inventor used indiegogo, which is similar to Kickstarter, but with more relaxed rules. I am looking into crowd funding for increasing my market...
  4. A

    ordered a new fleshlight

    deep into my wifes pregnancy and sex is slim to none, i decided to order a new fleshlight with express shipping haha. last time i used one my dick was like an inch thinner so hopefully i dont rip it! im actually pretty excited :)
  5. V

    Best Male Sex Toy?

    Just received my monkey spanker today felt really good, very much like the real thing. Which brings me to my question: which is the best male sex toy? I intend to use it for premature ejaculation training. Thanks V.
  6. M

    Hydromax suction problem

    So far love the Hydromax. However, I seem to have an issue getting suction unless the valve of the tube is pointed in the air. If I position the tube downward and insert myself then level it out and pump as I did with my X-40 I can't get any suction water goes out but air comes back in the valve...
  7. I'mHuge29

    MassGel Natural Penis Enchancement..

    http://www.massgel.com/ MASSgel is an Endothelial cell (ECGS) / spongy tissue growth enhancer that is specifically used to culture a variety of cells as it encourages the growth and multiplication of sinusoidal spaces within the corpora cavernosa of the penis. I've heard about this 6...
  8. T

    Not Using a Flesh Light; You Should Try it

    What's up guys. This is something I wanted to share lately about Penis Enlargement. I find it crucial for a good Penis Enlargement workout. Without it I would not be able to get it up at times that have been some of my best workouts. I bought a cheapy little $12 hand held kind and there are so...
  9. P

    Has anybody used the FleshLight?

    Sorry but i didnt know what section to ask my question in. So yea has anybody tried the FleshLight? i just bought one online for the heck of, i figured i would give it a shot. If its any good i imagine it can help with stamina?
  10. jqsderrida

    Clamping and base girth.

    It seems to me that, using clamps, base girth growth would be retarded since there is no expansion (rather, constriction) of the base of the penis in order to promote distal expansion. How many of you clampers, with some experience, have experienced highly uneven girth growth as a consequence...
  11. C

    Clamping for a day

    I have tried to clamp for a day at a time...obviously I need to loosen the clamp somewhat...every so often...but the results have been awesome. I start in the morning by taking some Bayer aspirin and arnica...and put the clamp on after getting an erection. I then will periodically loosen the...
  12. R

    flesh light fuck toy

    just wanted to post this link in case you never heard of a FleshLight or wanted to get one. i have one and they are fucking awesome. and if you're ten inches you can fuck it without bottoming out ! www.FleshLight.com http://www.FleshLight.com/main/index.php
  13. M

    Is This Real?

    I ran into this website because one day i was bored and started searching for ���� stuff. If these cocks are real (and I don't see how they aren't if you watch the videos) then I guess I can see why once you go black you never go back. Kinda of depressing for the average white guy. What do...
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