1. N

    My sexual life has finnished

    hi all i am 23 y.o and i believe now that my sexual life has finnished , i feel ashamed for my self my penis and my duration when i am having sex with a girl First of all i have a small d*ck , erected is 13-14 cm in length ( 5-5.5 inches ) and girth is near head 9 cm (3.5 inch ) near body is...
  2. P

    question about phase 2

    i feel i have finished phase 2. in phase three, it said "At this point in your program you have realized unbelievable gains. 3-4 inches in length is very common and your penis will feel like a lead pipe. For many this is where they want to be and should just skip to Phase 4 for basic...
  3. AcesHigh

    Majestic metal of the north

    So, any fans of nordic metal here? If you like metal you might want to check these out. Carcass - Heartwork Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder Amon Amarth - The Crusher Candlemass - Ancient Dreams Iron Maiden - Killers Mayhem - Deathcrush, Live in Leipzig, De mysteriious Dom Sathanas...
  4. D

    Mods L@@K! Help with Opinions on My jelqing technique

    HI all Ive been jelqing since 7/25/04 and havnt seen much gains yet ill run over my routine with you. I started on 10 minute sessions now I do 20-30 minutes, I sometimes find my sholders and hand muscles get quite tired while jelqing . I massage myself to 80% errect, then add a good...
  5. D

    Post PE workout today

    Just finnished an 1hr and so of Penis Enlargement and measured bone pressed EG and I was close to 7" about 6.75+ I was like wow!! Does any one else get pumps like these just after there workout and if so how much, thats like +0.75 for me, ill be dead prowd if i keep that, no doubt I will if I...
  6. DLD

    Length work Beginners manual penis enlargement guide

    This is a great starting routine. So many new guys do not know where to start so I put this together for you. Please read it over and ask any quetions. For the best in video, illustrations, sound bites and flawless text descriptions all organized into a 5 Phase system check out The MoS...
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