1. Lightning

    $1000.00 MoS Grand Prize Posting Contest Finale Around the Corner!!!

    We have our Annual Grand Prize Top Quality Posting Contest Finale coming up in December! Even if you already won a prize this year through MoS for posting, you are still qualified for this Annual posting contest as well. In this contest you have a chance to win One of the following two...
  2. J

    Uneven penis girth

    Hey Guys, How's it going.. I am hoping that anyone can help me out with my question but specifically DLD. I measured my erect penis girth and it turns out that my upper shaft which is closer to the head is thicker than my lowe shaft and the base of my penis. My uppershaft near my head...
  3. S

    girth gains stalling due to adaption?

    Hey guys. I'm somewhat let down by the impression that my gains always seem to come to a halt whenever I go on with a new exercise for more than 2 or 3 weeks. I had very fast initial gains with the classic jelq in my beginner phase (0.25" in 4 weeks). After that I had 3 month break because of...
  4. J

    My SizeGenetics with Daily Updates

    I'll detail my experience with the SizeGenetics (SG) Extender here similar to my Bathmate thread. Let's start with ordering Ordering was easy after following the link from MOS for the awesome discount. Shipping by UPS (which turns out they use DHL) and paid $185.25USD. Shipping is from the...
  5. Simyan

    Where I'm at

    Hey yall, Currently the Bathmate H is too short for me and the BathmateG is too wide lol. I will do 30 mins of SJJ daily do thicken me for the BathmateG. Unfortunately, I lack the privacy atm to do my 30 misn daily. To make up for this, I've been hitting those kegels harder than...
  6. Shion

    Body hair. Is it good or is it bad?

    I've got chest hair, pubic hair and armpit hair. I was thinking of getting rid of it. Should I keep the chest hair though? If I was totally fit and good-looking I'd definitely get rid of it cuz there is a lot of it though I am a bit overweight. Is it better to be overweight and have hair or be...
  7. J

    Ortizes Woman

    Anybody know Jenna Jameson is Tito's woman. I never knew that. Danget I wanna kick his ass!!! LOL
  8. F

    The Lord of the Right Wing........Must See!

    If anybody here is a fan of Lord of the Rings or our Commander in Chief, You have to see this. No download. My Presicous......Luv ya like Texas..
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