1. BornInFigi

    Friar Fige's BM Ironman armor

    As some of you know I'm somewhat of a bathmate aficionado, so it makes sense that I'm always trying new stuff with my favorite PE tool, sorry dld... LM came second I my life.. (It is a close second) I have written to some length on the virtues of cockrings as seen in the two threads in my...
  2. BornInFigi

    So, I think my herc is dead.

    I was having issues doing bathmate stretches due to crappy suction and air bubbles coming out while pumping, so I cleaned it and put it back together. Now, there is a serious drop in pressure right away and it slowly let's the pressure down much like a subsiding erection. I've put it back...
  3. F

    Progress and photo blog for figey

    Next post will be statistics bone pressed etc. Just getting the ball rolling by posting this. My first picture is of me using the auto extender with traction rather than weight hanging from the suction cup. I use both methods. Normally there's more of a stretch than this but you build...
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