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    Manuel ferrera realistic dildo

    So the manuel ferrera dildo that is suppose to be molded from his dick is 6 inches long and 6 inches around. This surprises me because if its only 6 inches long, how do they make it seem like hes huge on camera? Has anyone seen the dildo in person?
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    Would Ron Jeremy AND Tommy Gunn lie to us?

    Okay guys, my clever way of bringing up the most recent PE pill find through God knows how! The pills SizeGenix are endorsed by Ron Jeremy, Tommy Gunn, and even Jenna Jamaeson. Now first, if you can't trust ���� stars, who can you trust right? Second, when you google the pills naturally the...
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    ���� Star Girth Measurements

    Just thought I'd share from what I've seen. I could be slightly off by an eighth for the measurements I list, I can only see in fourths right now. If you're a ���� and P.E. addict you just start to be able to see it in time. This might be a nice reference for you if you are unsure of what girth...
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    Does size really matter when you got a 6-6.5 inch cocker spaniel?

    I've never really been a fan of length, mainly girth! I'm around 6.2, and with all the girls i've been with they say it's perfect, not too big, not small! I think in the end it's all about how you perform. Some guys are just slow thrusters or maybe they just cum too fast. I'd worry about...
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