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    Reached 4th month still no major ErectGains gonna Try SSJ

    Hey yo ppl i am now reaching 4th month and AWAIT gains i really believe now its time for them to come i reached 80 minutes of jelqing and switched to dry 1 and hal weeks ago Furthermore I today added the SSJ which I still try to find out how exactly it works especially dry i cant seem to get...
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    In my 3rd month(no ERECTGAINS YET) changing Jelqing TECHNIQUE to DRY

    Hey yo GUYS ... i started pe in the END of march 2015 just because i hated my flaccid LENGTH, it was sometimes 2 inches or 3 ... but not really bigger but things changed sofar and my flaccid seems like a stable 4 inches now which I appreciate since I can at least grab my dong now in the...
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