1. John_Wayne

    Circumcision and Schlong Growth Potential

    Hey Everyone, Lately, I've been thinking about how circumcision may act as a barrier to growth. In full disclosure, I was circumcised shortly after my birth. My parents told me that it was done for hygiene. When I do my PE stretches I feel the normal intensity within the tunica and...
  2. P

    this site

    i serched " best herbs for penis enlargemnt " on google and got this site Is Average Penis Size Good Enough? What Are Effective Formulas Out There? | Herballove.com now u can see there are 5 formulas or medicines... the herbs some are heard of and famous and some arent as i heard...
  3. L

    Thought on organizing the forum

    I've noticed that a lot of the exercises seem to get lost in the general discussion of pe. So I was wondering if there could be a separation between actual exercises and the rest. Maybe a separate forum or maybe a stickied thread with links to all of them. Obviously a sticky would be easier on...
  4. P

    Found awesome ancient ayurvedic links for enlargemnt

    guys ayurveda has been the most oldest form of healing of body......and these are from the book kamasutra vasayana ,the book of sex.....please check them out i dont think that ancient ayurveda can be lie also the articles are too long so please press 'ctrl' and 'F' and you will get search...
  5. Z

    anyone gotten back into extender after INGUINAL HERNIA SURGERY REPAIR

    I'll finally be having my surgery soon and im scared ill never be able to do penis enlargemnt again anyones thought on this? Has anyone ever came back from something liek this i have ocd sooo stopping anything really hurts me inside ive already stopped using the extender since my condition...
  6. D

    should i buy bathmate through mos? 5yr warranty?

    Is this 5 yr warranty for real? Also when they say save $150 is that off the already $199 price? Im new I literally just signed up, never did any other "exercises" before (and not sure I have the patience for jelqing, nor the money for bathmate plus a stretcher).

    need to find a solution

    Need to erase my gmail account from a tablet i opened the MOS forums using a samsung tablet but now i want to delete it, besides everytime i get a messge an annoying voice lets me know i have a new message.Anybody can help me out?
  8. DLD

    Want a porn star dick? Do a porn star film! (turning hate to love)

    It has long been a fact that porn uses many camera tricks, special lenses and special filters to make a penis on film as big "visually" as possible. Many of us watch these porn movies and see men who look massive. We look at them and say, "damn, I wish I had a cock that big!" But to our...
  9. S

    Ball stretching benefits

    What are they? Will it make the base of my dick show more appearing to be bigger? Also women seem to like to play with guys' big dicks, so I was wondering if they also like your sack big as well.
  10. G

    Got Girth? Need Length!!!!!!

    O.K. Here is the deal I am 23 5'7 180 I have a pretty decent sized cock when it comes to girth. My measurements are 6x6 inches.In the Girth dept. I am happy My cock is thick naturally 6 inches around. But it make my cock look small due to the fact that it is only 6 inches long. Above adverage...
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