1. O

    A lot of threads on premature ejacuation, but none on anorgasmia, or delayed ejaculat

    It's amazing to have marathon sex, and I get my wife off multiple times, too many to count. My problem is delayed, and sometimes anorgasmia. Sometimes I can finish on her by jacking it on her, as she plays with herself, but not always. She is super hot, fit, I am so attracted to her, and no...
  2. B

    Help please! ED?

    Due to years of watching porn and masturbating (from age 11 to now, 26) I find it difficult to achieve an erection without porn. After losing weight and feeling a bit more confident (still a big guy. 320 lbs lbs 6 ft), I began to date. Our first few times were embarrassing as I found it...
  3. Shinto Kayden

    Gaining length and girth faster

    Hello there . It's been a long time since i posted a thread but here i am now . I needed this break because lately i've had no success . So i decided to change my routine and after my huge gains i am willing to post this routine so you can try it too . For my last 2 months , before i started...
  4. C

    Starting to feel lightheaded when i ejaculate

    So i haven't been masturbating for a while now and decided to give it go since I'm starting rest days (two days off Sat+Sun) . When i busted my heart felt really light and my head started spinning , is this a sign that I'm growing ? Kind of freaked me out at first .
  5. manmeat99

    Length of foreplay increasing ejaculate

    I've noticed over the past umpteen years that the longer the foreplay session then the more I cum. However, my wife likes to go straight for the cock soon (like 10-15 min) after beginning foreplay. I like to shower her with my load though so just a little bit of foreplay doesn't necessarily...
  6. jakb

    Jakb's Down to the Knee Tree Log

    I have been doing Penis Enlargement for about 9 months and have decided to FINALLY do a log. Easy wasy to keep track of my workouts and progress or lack there of. The routine I am on currently I really like. It appears that I am gaining length at a steady slow rate now. Which is way cool...
  7. T

    Thick Ejaculate

    Ok, I was reading about ways to enhance erection quality and increase ejaculate volume. Three things that I decided to try were 1. drink lots of water, and 2. take L-arginine. and 3. Lay off the porn and not masturbate as much. Well, after a few days of drinking loads of water, abstaining...
  8. DLD

    Female Ejaculation

    I am interested to know how many of you have been able to make you girl ejaculate? I know for me when I hit around 8" I was able to make JEN have squirting orgasms and since that time she gushes more and more the larger I get. Has anyone experienced this. You may even be hearing something...
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