1. B

    Help please! ED?

    Due to years of watching ���� and masturbating (from age 11 to now, 26) I find it difficult to achieve an erection without ����. After losing weight and feeling a bit more confident (still a big guy. 320 lbs lbs 6 ft), I began to date. Our first few times were embarrassing as I found it...
  2. Shinto Kayden

    Gaining length and girth faster

    Hello there . It's been a long time since i posted a thread but here i am now . I needed this break because lately i've had no success . So i decided to change my routine and after my huge gains i am willing to post this routine so you can try it too . For my last 2 months , before i started...
  3. S

    Anyone here go from SMALL loads to huge loads?

    If you've gone from big loads to huge loads or from small to normal or a little more, please refrain from comment on it. I've read it all 1,000 times before. Guy with small load asks how to cum more. Guy with big load says "Just drink more water/lecithin, makes mine huge, though mine were...
  4. C

    Starting to feel lightheaded when i ejaculate

    So i haven't been masturbating for a while now and decided to give it go since I'm starting rest days (two days off Sat+Sun) . When i busted my heart felt really light and my head started spinning , is this a sign that I'm growing ? Kind of freaked me out at first .
  5. T

    Thick Ejaculate

    Ok, I was reading about ways to enhance erection quality and increase ejaculate volume. Three things that I decided to try were 1. drink lots of water, and 2. take L-arginine. and 3. Lay off the ���� and not masturbate as much. Well, after a few days of drinking loads of water, abstaining...
  6. S

    Female Ejaculation

    I know that Jen squirts, but does anyone else have experience with making girls cum? I'm wondering how they do it and if all women can. My girl's really interested, but is as clueless as I am about this, lol I know you're supposed to find the g-spot, but we've both looked in there like...
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