1. O

    A lot of threads on premature ejacuation, but none on anorgasmia, or delayed ejaculat

    It's amazing to have marathon sex, and I get my wife off multiple times, too many to count. My problem is delayed, and sometimes anorgasmia. Sometimes I can finish on her by jacking it on her, as she plays with herself, but not always. She is super hot, fit, I am so attracted to her, and no...
  2. B

    Need for a routine suggestion while on holidays for 1-2 weeks (no privacy)

    Hello PE brothers, I would like to know a routine that I can perform while being on holidays for 2 weeks with my girlfriend and I dont have the time to PE to maintain my size until I get back on my routine. I have read that some quick streches when u steal time in the shower or bathroom could...
  3. B

    severe chronic Premature ejacuation seems to be CURED

    :cool:Well I am now 30 years old and would like to give one hopeful and optimistic note to this forum but not a fake fact. I have been suffering from Premature Ejacuation since day one. From my first make out with a girl in my teens since even a year ago(before I decided to start with PE). I am...
  4. Zambrodom3

    Kiss the below 100% EQ GOODBYE!!!!

    Hey guys. I have recently been reading throughout the forum. I wanted to make a thread where all the people with EQ problems could find their solutions. I read through the net and am now giving you all the info I got. Hope this helps. Psychology Not having a good libido. This is when you are...
  5. joeym

    Some good news

    Well, I've been Penis Enlargementing for almost 2 months now. Although I don't think my dick has really gotten any bigger, I used to have a problem with premature ejacuation, and it's pretty much gone now. I've been lasting so much longer now. I can't go indefinitely until I decide it's time...
  6. F

    someone figure this out? (ROP and testosterone)

    are we just increasing our testosteroe only for our body to lower it again? I'm really confused, they seem to know what they're talking about.
  7. Super

    The Ring of Power

    This is the best device for erection strengthening, impotence, low testosterone, more blood flow and faster healing in my opinion. Tom Hubbard had a great idea. Everyone needs one, I wear it 24/7. This device cause electricity to flow around your entire gentile bunch. Companies commerical...