1. youknowme123321

    What Are The Chances?

    Finally got my internet sorted out so i can share this story. been trying all day. had to put a password on my internet b/c apparently the other businesses were all just using mine...bastards! So anyways...today i am leaving my office. there is a gay couple who runs a business on the first...
  2. G

    Selling an unused bath mate Hercules, eighty dollars shipped

    Title says it all. Pm me or reply here with any questions.
  3. D

    X30 Discount Code Please?

    Is there a box to enter a discount code? I looked on a few sites and I haven't seen a specific area to enter a code. I'm not even sure which site I should be ordering from lol. Im in the US if that matters where I order from. Thanks in advance
  4. B

    Anyone wanting to sell their bathmate?

    Hi guys, I am a pumper newbie looking to purchase my first pump, I cannot afford a new one and really want to try it out. Wondering if anyone has a clean and fully working pump they no longer use and would be willing to sell and ship to me in Canada I can pay with paypal.... please help me out!
  5. N

    Can you gain hanging only 15 lbs

    Just curious as I started to dedicate a consistent hanging routine in again mixed with everything else. Im doing 4 sets of 10 minutes after stretching.
  6. going all out

    This is just wrong

    http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/12/senate-military-detention/ I doubt everyone knows about this bill that's going to be passed in america around early part of 2012 but just take a look at it for yourselves click the highlighted in blue 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. to see the bill
  7. REDZULU2003

    Afternoon nap helps you live longer

    Looking for a habit that will help you reach a ripe old age with little effort? Make sure you get a short siesta every afternoon. According to researchers at the University of Athens, an afternoon nap is the secret to the fabulously high age reached by the oldest inhabitants of the island of...
  8. stillwantmore

    For The PE Doubters, Ponder This...

    This is a topic I've shared about in the past, under my other SN ''stillwantmore''. Long story, nother day. Anyway, the point of this thread is to throw this out there. The penis is in fact just a small bundle of skin, veins, a small artery or two, and some other tissues. Bottom line? A...
  9. ithiel

    DLD where your freestyle man?

    Yo you aint never holla at me man. I'm twisted right now on this VSOP so bare with me man. e got the biggest package, yes deliver package Endless, my supplies like cornfields but a lot whiter dawg, more then Brook Shields Damn that china, she get it in her gina gina and I hit it like I’m...
  10. C

    Do Women Love A Big Dick?

    Do Women Love A Big Dick?
  11. G

    Another Study: Women Prefer Circumcision

    This one appears to have been conducted by an actual research MD employed by a university. He also does not appear to have a website selling his book on the matter that contains links to erotic stories about foreskin and "fictional explorations" explaining why men without foreskins can't seem...
  12. G


    I know that it varies from person to person but how much time do you good gainers (SWM, Bib, etc.) spend per day hanging? Also, how much weight do you use? Right now I'm doing as many 10 minute sets of 20-25 pounds as I can before bed but tonight I only got 40 minutes. Last night I got a full...
  13. D

    Beginning of the Universe

    What are your views? Why are we here How did we come to be? How did the universe start? Well scientists know the universe has a beginning and an end. Anything with a beginning and an end, came from something else. You can't keep going back (infinite regression), so we know there had to be...
  14. PaloMalo

    80% Erect for Phase 1 Jelqs

    DLD and the crew... I'm getting back into Penis Enlargement again after a several month (way too long) layoff and have a quick question about the erection level for jelqs...I know its an individual thing and we all need to get to the point where we figure out and do what works speciafically...
  15. Thucydides

    Extreme Ironing!

    Get Out Your Boards: Extreme Ironing May Soon Be Hot By PAM BELLUCK Thanks to the New York Times Clawing up ice-crusted, razor-sharp mountain peaks can get a little boring. And dangling upside down from a bungee cord over jagged cliffs is, face it, rather ho-hum. But now there's a way...
  16. L

    Keeping it hard while jelquing

    Hey guys - I jelq every other day using Baby Oil Gel. My understanding is that the harder you are - the better the jelq. I do about 250 jelqs in a session - but I have to stop at about every forty strokes because I loose my wood. Even though I start at 100% - jelquing sometimes causes it to...
  17. fender646

    Fox News lobbying arm for right wing....

    I read this article in the Washington Post and it showed some statistics of major mis-conceptions about major news events, like Iraqi war, and where they get their news from. -Fully 48 percent of Americans believed that the United States had uncovered evidence demonstrating a close working...
  18. ItsElectric

    Advanced Cunnilingus Techniques

    by: Kaz Vorpal The original version can be found Link Removed While being stimulated by your partner is certainly far better (for most people, if their partner's any good at it) than masturbation, it's the quantity of pleasure which is different, more than the quality. Going down on a lover...
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