1. isaTiger

    Bathmate causing "donuting"?

    Hello I've just started getting into PE and have been at it for a month now with a routine of using the bathmate and stretching plus jelqing. I've noticed it recently as my time using the bathmate has increased to 15 minutes per session that I would get a "donut" / swelling from water at the...
  2. L

    How does Jelqing cause 'Donuts'?

    Has anyone ever gotten the 'Donut' effect purely from stretching and jelqing? After last nights' session, I had the unpleasant side effect known as the 'Donut'! At first, I was kinda freaked out so I decided to search the forums for answers about treating this particular side effect. The only...
  3. S

    The Ring of Power

    This is the best device for erection strengthening, impotence, low testosterone, more blood flow and faster healing in my opinion. Tom Hubbard had a great idea. Everyone needs one, I wear it 24/7. This device cause electricity to flow around your entire gentile bunch. Companies commerical...
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