deep ligs

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    deep lig stretch A.K.A monster stretch

    - MONSTER STRETCHES - WARNING STRETCH SLOWLY AND SMART. NOT FOR NEWBIES. DO THE STRETCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. START SLOW AND USE GOOD JUDGEMENT! I usually start with DLD blasters and kegels first to fatigue the PC muscles. Here's the link, everybody should do these...
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    What Is This Exercise Called?

    One of my favorite stretches I do is to pull all the way straight out, then take a finger from the other hand and hook right on a certain spot dead in the middle of my penis, then pull straight upwards like the method of stretching your deep inner penis. When the stretch is right, I can feel my...
  3. DLD

    The SRT Size Blasters a stretch and girth work in one fabulous exercise

    The SRT Size Blaster This is the all new exercise is the end all girth and length practice that will pack on inches of girth and length through it’s powerful one way compression. The main goal in SRT and gaining size is to not only stretch the size we currently have but to access inches...
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